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Discussion in 'Game of Thrones' started by HKpowerup, Oct 9, 2017.

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    I'd love to hear feedback on what you all want to see in the prequels. I understand that there are five prequel shows planned, with one show already done in terms of the script.

    How far back do you want the prequels to be set?

    While I would love to see Robert's Rebellion, I want to go hundreds if not thousands of years back. For example, seeing how the Wall came to be or the origins of the Night's Watch.

    What does everyone think?
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    Supposedly 4 of the five prequels are dead, and they're concentrating on the Long Night prequel series. I personally think a series based on the long night would be awesome as all hell.
    Somebody was bound to be disappointed regarding what prequels got made or didn't tho. If you're into sword and sorcery stuff you probably would want the long night adapted, if you're more into political intrigue you'd probably rather have a dance of dragons adapted.
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    It was both ambitious and stupid for them to attempt five prequel series in one go; do one at a time, the fanbase and theme will last longer.

    of the two ideas I've read up on, there's two themes I'd have liked to of seen:

    • The Targaryen Reign
    • The Baratheon Rebellion

    Alternatively, a GoT show set some 2000 years in the future; I'd like to see what sort of effect a sub machine gun mounted on a tank has against White Walkers. :cwink:
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    You seem to think they were in preproduction for 5 shows. That wasnt what they were doing. They were only developing 5 pilot scripts. Thats not ambitious.

    It also wasnt stupid. It was smart. It gave them more chances of getting a green light, and it gave HBO more options. They said from the beginning that they didnt expect all five scripts to get a green light and that there was no guarantee any of them would be greenlit. They were just taking multiple approaches and hoping at least one of them got the green light.

    And just because they were developing 5 pilot scripts doesnt mean all five would have been produced and released at the same time. HBO would have most likely released them one at a time. I suspect that's why they have only greenlit one of the pilot scripts. Later on they may greenlight one of the other pilot scripts.
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