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Apr 17, 2006
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im making a fan film on the green arrow for a couple of film contests. we are shooting at the same location as the punisher (hunny moon beach florida). the only problem is i only have half a script and considering that u guys are all comic fans i was wondering if u could give some input.

i start the story off with a young green arrow who is about to get married in the bahamas. so him, his wife and their families board one of ollies private jets to get to the wedding.the plan crashes and everyone dies except ollie who survives on an uncharted island. a bow and arrow wash up in the wreakage and he use them to hunt. drugrunners come and he steals there boat gets off the island and back to civilaization. The depression from loosing his family and from being in complete exile from the world for a year drives him to becoming the arrow.

what happens when he is the arrow. who does he fight . why. i thought there could be a rival arrow killing people and have ollie take the blame but i want to keep as year one as possible.

any suggestions?
Good luck on it but I have no idea. Maybe try I'll look up some stuff for ya man.
Here is some information:

Millionaire playboy (which also happened to be my stock answer to the tiresome "What do you want to be when you grow up?" question when I was a kid) Oliver Queen leaves a yacht the hard way, and manages to swim to a nearby island. To survive, he ends up making bows and arrows, and teaches himself archery skills. After being rescued, he uses his new skills to fight crime.

That's basically the core of it. Writers and editors have added to this the years, initially by throwing in all of the usual trappings: cavern headquarters, car, plane, boat, sidekick, Justice League membership, etc. He picked up a girlfriend (Black Canary), lost his fortune, gained a social conscience at the hands of Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams, quit the Justice League, and moved to Seattle to get his own series (just like Frasier!).

And then he died in a big-ass explosion on-board an airplane, ignoring Superman's entreaties to allow him to save GA at the cost of an arm.

End of recap.

Moving ahead a few years, DC hires screenwriter Kevin Smith to write a new ongoing Green Arrow series. In the grand tradition of the best chicken-and-the-egg dilemmas, I'm not sure which came first: DC deciding to bring GA back, or Kevin wanting to be the one to resurrect him. Either way, I have very mixed feelings about the results.

On the surface, it's an enjoyable read, if a little glib. Green Arrow's dialogue consists essentially of smart-ass one-liners, which actually is consistent with the way that O'Neil, Bates, and Maggin (they sound like a law firm, don't they?) wrote him back in the seventies, as opposed to the more angst-ridden Grell version from the Arrow-in-Seattle run. There's some enjoyable interplay with the Justice Leaguers, particularly Batman and Wonder Woman, and in the grand tradition of Alan Moore's 'Down Among the Dead Men' Swamp Thing annual, more guest stars than you can shake a boxing-glove arrow at.

It's the treatment of 'Stanley and His Monster' that bothers the crap out of me on this one. DC published 'Stanley and His Monster' as part of their 1960s humour line-up, running first in The Fox and The Crow before graduating to his own series. It had a very simple premise: Stanley was a young boy who had a large red monster following him around as a pet. Simple boy-and-his-dog stories on an exaggerated scale. No angst, no storm and thunder, just a lot of fun and innocence.

You can't say that anymore, not about how Smith has re-introduced the characters in the pages of Green Arrow. For lack of a better word, he's "vertigo-ized" them, and not in a good way. These new versions of the characters relate back to the originals in only the most superficial way, completely ignoring the tone and intent of the original strip. Come to think of it, maybe "vertigo-ized" isn't the right word to use, given that Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman were both much more respectful of DC characters - and those characters' histories - when re-introducing them into a Vertigo context.

In this case, I've got a pretty good standard of comparison: Phil Foglio's 'Stanley and His Monster' mini-series from a few years ago. Foglio is an eclectic writer/artist, best known perhaps for his adaptations of Bob Asprin's MythAdventures series or his own self-published Buck Godot series, but his work on Stanley and His Monster (on the heels of his earlier DC mini-series, 'Angel and the Ape') was fantastic. He brought the characters back into the DC mainstream, positioning them directly on the middle ground between the DC universe and the Vertigo side of things. The characterization worked, the cameo appearances by other DCU mainstays worked, the continuity was consistent with what had gone before, and - this is really important - it was funny. Laugh-out-loud funny, a real joy to read. It's one of those series that you point to and say, "That's in the other ten percent that Sturgeon's Law talks about."

I can't say the same about the new Green Arrow series. As snappy as the dialogue might be, I just can't help but feel a strong element of distaste over how the 'Stanley and His Monster' has been corrupted into the villain-du-jour as a plot gimmick that facilitates the return of Green Arrow's soul to his already-resurrected body. It's cheap and it's unnecessary.

thanx for the input x but i already new most of that. i appreciat it though. its the end im confused with because im trying to use no villians to keep more of a realistic feel. the script i wrote for the beginning is awsome though. ill post it ltr this week
No villain? without a villain its gonna seem more like an indian jones version of dawson's creek. I dont know anything about GA but he had to have had some kind of enemies.

I like the begining idea though.
That doesnt look or sound like half the script to me.
Just curious is using "thanx" cooler than "thanks"?
thanx saves time and it is pretty much half the script like i said ill post it ltr. the whole no villlian thing means no corny joker like villians i want to use muggers crime bosses pimps and other stuff like that to keep the realism
ahhh ok, that's cool. I like the story, I have a feeling you will do it justice with the second half :)
Pyro Max said:
That doesnt look or sound like half the script to me.
Just curious is using "thanx" cooler than "thanks"?
Dude,I've been trying to figure out what your avatar is for years now,and can't really tell. So,what is it? :confused:
I love Oliver, giggs, so don't F it up. :D
Sabretooth said:
Dude,I've been trying to figure out what your avatar is for years now,and can't really tell. So,what is it? :confused:

It is homemade. Made it about 9 or 10 years ago. My pet ferret ( now past ). He was albino, the picture is a negative that has been solarized. Pretty basic paint shop pro crap. His name was Max, and I used to be a licensed pyrotechnician and manufacturer. Hence the name Pyro Max.

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