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HCPs want thread


Aug 2, 2005
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i honestly have nothing to trade but 2 boxes of fodder crap
oh and i have some transformers i repainted to look like metal instead of crappy grey parts
other than that i just want to buy

buzzing beetle
battle ravages spiderman (movie or smc,dont care)
cyber spiderman
manspider (wishful thinking)
this spiderman http://gofigureactionfigures.com/media/peterparkerspiderman(t).jpg
spider hulk
HoM spiderman
fearson foes lizard
I think I have a Fearsom Foes Spiderman......

I cracked open that set to trade someone a Vulture from it....I gave My Brother the Rhino.....(His Baseball team is called the Rhinos and they took the old figure to every game but lost it so I gave him this better newer one) So I need to dig out the box...I'll let ya know.
ya i got vulture from you,dunno why i never took lizard

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