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Hellboy in Empire Magazine

I wish Hellboy's sideys weren't so bushy! They look a bit silly, the should be a bit closer cropped.

Looking badass
^If you guys think that pic is good, you should see the double page spread inside at the start of the article, i dont think i have ever geeked out at a picture so much in my LIFE.

For people who want a description of the picture, its below in spoiler tag's, as it could be spoilery:

Its Hellboy holding Nuada by the neck with the right hand of doom!
I'll try and get it scanned from the mag, but at the moment i'm unbelievably busy, so it mayh be a while, sorry.
He doesn't need to, it is at the link I posted.
Click the mag cover and go from there.
Natalie Portman looks really hot further on in the mags preview...
His hand is nearly as big as the Prince's head. :wow:
Totally awesome! I am really loving the look and design of the Hellboy films. The Prince looks, for lack of a better word, wicked!

Well, in that particular picture the Prince looks like he is ****ting himself!:cwink:

Great pic though.
I'm pretty confident in this flick, the pic's are just gravy. i might pick this up just because of the cover.

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