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hello im ben... (The Randomness of Memes)

Doctor Who

Jan 11, 2010
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So a long time ago, there was a story that took place on TDKR forum. I will update the details later, but a guy made a post about Ra's Al Ghul and Bane, but by mistake called them Roger Ghul and ben... over and over again. It erupted in the forum and had our testicles jiggling with severely hard laughter, from days on out.

That being said, I got bored a couple of days later, made a picture in photoshop of it and got some responses from friends who just loved it! LOL So starting at that moment, I started toying around in photoshop and have invested a great deal of time making memes! But not just ANY memes, but ones I feel all of us can relate to, having been there at that time or sharing the same sense of humor or interests in Batman.

All that being said, he's a wide heaping photoshop pictures from hours painting to making gif images that can have a good casual insert at the right time for laughs. I do these fairly often, so I'll upload new ones along the way. But in the mean time, you ALL enjoy your yourselves and hope you come by: whether you're needing a smile, a laugh, or just yearning for good ol' nostalgia! Thanks again, gang!

-Doctor Who









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That was literally the first thing I thought when I watched the Iron Man 3 trailer. No one agreed with me :csad:
There are some gems in here.
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
Ben; that user also gave us anne halfaway and christian bail.
The story behind the Narnia meme was to make it as utterly incorrect as possible; down to the quote, picture, and person... which the person whom I was referencing was a mistake as well; a wrong reference INCEPTIONED inside a reference... purposely. :cwink:

That all being said, I'm glad everyone digs this so far! Here's a couple of quick newbies.

These particular pieces were inspired by a thread last week that had me stitches for a couple of hours: so naturally, I first made one of the post, and a couple others to follow the meme.




And these ones were just quick that I found... IRONIC.


This one I wasn't around photoshop and used another online site for copies, cut outs, and pastes; it's crude and sloppy, but sometimes that can be for good intent. :oldrazz:

do you have a link to that electric heating thread?
I think I had peaced out by this point.

I only remember the "Mr. Lau please make a CGI...." from the TDK days.

- Jow

PS: I know the name wasn't "Lau" and thats FROM TDK, but I couldn't remember the name that you were supposed to ask to make CGI forms of random stuff.

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