The Many Faces Of Brandon Routh!


Apr 9, 2006
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Brandon Routh IS Superman... He has Always been Superman, lets take a look back and see the history of the MAN OF STEEL!

note: These Pictures are best viewed on a full screen (F11)

Original Superman!

Superman 40's

Fleisher's Superman

Superman 50's!

70's Superman!

80's Comic Superman!

Superman Red

Superman Blue

Red Son Superman

Superman After Fighting Doomsday!

Cyborg Superman

The Eradicator!

Super Boy!!

Superman Reborn!

British Superman!

Bizzaro Superman!!

Kingdom Come Superman

The Real Superman

We now know that it has ALWAYS been Routh!!!

Infact he has packed on a few over the years!

But perhaps you did not know that he is a lot more than just Superman!

Look he was even The Green Lantern


AND Robin!

Look even Aquaman!

As well as the Flash!

and Booster Gold!

And The Blue Beetle!

Composite Superman-Batman

Wonder Woman...Man

Thats right! His is Nearly the ENTIRE Justice League... But thats not all!!

He is a Marvel Character too!

Captain America!

Ghost Rider!

Random Super X-men Guy!

Symbiote Spiderman

Not always the Boyscout, Brandon Routh has Even shown up as a Villian



The Joker (with Special Guest, Brittany Murphy as Harley Quinn!)

He has even starred in his own Video Games!

Mega Man

Sam Fisher

Solid Snake

Cloud Strife


Squall Leonhart


You've got it Folks... He is quite impressive, For those who think Routh is a new comer to film, take a look at these

Darth Vader

And were there is Darth Vader, there must also be...

Anakin Skywalker

Robo Cop

Jango Fett

Indiana Jones!

Austin Powers


Okay! So we have gathered that Brandon Routh is pretty Incredible by this point. In fact he is....

Mr. Incredible!

But thats not all folks...


we all know that Superman spends a lot of time in Antartica, But did you know he hangs out at the North Pole too?

Buddy The Elf

He is The One!!

Horror Movies Too!


Freddy Krueger


The Phantom Of The Opera

The Toxic Avenger!

He has starred in many T.V. shows and Cartoons as well!!


The Tick!!


Mighty Mouse!

This guy is even Captain Planet!!

Captain "Zapp" Brannigan

Ace! of the The Ambiguously Gay Duo!

Snake Eyes

He was a Mighty Morphing Power Ranger!

And he has traveled places no man has gone before....

And of course, from the man who taught you that it's hip to be square...

Underground Comic Sensation... Comet Kid!
Don't ask...

Brandon Routh is a classic Hero! His Radio shows, Comics and Movies have inspired generations of fans... Just look at these examples!

The Phantom

The Green Hornet

Dick Tracy


Brandon Routh is the coolest Cat on this or any planet!
He has been around for ages... In fact he was the inspiration for David!

There is Something about this guy... I don't know what it is but he just commands respect!

I know this is a little off topic but I thought this was kind of weird...

I found a picture of this Guy that works for some newspaper and I think he looks a lot like Superman.
His name is Clark something

What do you think? No? oh well, I thought there was something there, but clearly not... I mean this Cat has glasses and Superman does not... couldn't be him.....

Oh!! Did you know Brandon Routh can sell burgers like nobody's business!
Ronald Mcdonald

Although I can take credit for most of these Pictures I would also like to thank the Following artists

Chris Frahme
and of course...Aaron Price

The board is open to all submissions and requests This pic is a good one to start from, it's large and hi-res...
Fat Superman is the best.:D
Some of those are actually really well done.

I really like the look of Green Lantern and Snake Eyes.
MaskedManJRK said:
Which one was Fat Superman? :confused:
The link is right under "infact he has packed on a few over the years".
RE:You have way too much time on your hands

KingOfDreams said:

Come on...why do you have to be Jerks about it? I said I have a broken back... What else am I going to do with my time?
Clarkparker said:
RE:You have way too much time on your hands

Come on...why do you have to be Jerks about it? I said I have a broken back... What else am I going to do with my time?

Rest. Drink beer.;)
Good stuff.

People keep posting manips and whining about the costume, saying it looks wrong. Untill it flew into left feild, this topic really showed that superman has had many different looks.
Out there somewhere... in another dimension.. Earth 2 perhaps... There is a film.

A film about a man who wears no red & blue suit.
A film about a man who cannot fly, but has a really cool car.
A film about a man that does battle with a giant F'ing Spider

And this... Is that man.

Lets all thank Bryan Singer...

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