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Help please...


Jul 20, 2005
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Hi. I think this might be in the wrong forum, if so feel free to move it. I currently have a PS2 console with some games and I want to buy one of the new generation consoles (PS3, XBox 360 or Wii). The thing is I don't have any money right now and I want to sell the PS2 to get a little cash to buy the new one.

Where can I sell the PS2?, Are there any nation-wide stores that buy used games or something?, Does anyone know if I can even sell the console? ('cause I think maybe the PS2 is too old by now)

Any help would be appreaciated.
Like hippie said, an EB Games/GameStop is your best bet. The buyback amount will vary by location, but they'll be able to offer you something for your last-gen stuff.
If those fail, try Ebay. Might get more money since most video game stores are going to rape you when it comes to buybacks.
Dont expect to get more then like $50 for it, if even that. Id just keep the system especially if you're going to get a PS3, it wont play the PS2 games, at least the 40gb model doesnt and thats what Im assuming you would get if you got one, since finances are tight
There's usually local places that will give you a better deal than Gamestop, if you live in a decent sized city. Around here we have a place called Last Stop CD Shop that buys cds, dvds, and video game stuff. They usually give about $10-$50 more than gamestop, depending on how much the item costs new, and how many they have in stock.
I agree. See if you can find a local place BEFORE you go to GameStop. GS usually will rip you off (even though it's an old console).
I would go the eBay route, anywhere else will give you far less money than you'd get on eBay. I sold me PS2 about a year and a half ago with 5-6 games for around $150-175, probably wouldn't even get half that amount at GameStop.

Or pick up a ski mask and rob a 7-11 for the cash to buy a new console. That'll only cost you around $10.
Either eBay or Craigslist.

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