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Apr 30, 2004
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Okay, it's been about a year since I posted The X-Men Fatality Timeline (4th Draft)

The basic mission statement of the Timeline is to provide a comprehensive listing, in chronological order, of all the times, "in continuity," when any character who is currently serving as an X-Man (or used to do so!) either "dies" or "comes back from the dead." (Sometimes a character does both in the same story!) If you want to follow the link above, you can see the rules I've had to develop for myself, by trial and error, regarding such details as what really counts as "death" for my purposes, and what doesn't.

Anyway, I figure it's time for an end-of-the-year update; a Fifth Draft of my Timeline so I can help people stay current on such nitpicking details as "How many different times has Jean Grey died, and in what issues? What about Scott Summers? And all the rest of the gang?"

You have to understand: I have not been buying new issues of any of the mutant titles during 2007, so I need to beg for help in listing anything relevant that's happened in those issues.

Let me quickly list the last few items that actually made it onto my Fourth Draft, so you won't feel the need to tell me about them all over again!

The last few items were:

"New Excalibur #6" -- Dazzler takes a "fatal" wound to the chest and falls down.

"New Excalibur #7" -- Dazzler wakes up, good as new, and reflects that this is getting ridiculous.

"Uncanny X-Men #472" -- Jamie Braddock recreates The Fury (an artificial entity that specializes in killing superhumans) and it kills Cannonball, Nightcrawler, Bishop, and Rachel Grey. Then Jamie brings them back to life. He also takes the credit for bringing his sister Psylocke back to life, many issues earlier. After saying that, he kills her. Then he brings her back to life again.

"Uncanny X-Men #473" -- Cannonball's soul is separated from his body, but the problem is fixed by the end of the issue.

"Deadly Genesis #6" -- retcons are established regarding the previously-forgotten pinch-hitter X-Men team of Darwin, Sway, Petra, and Kid Vulcan, who fought Krakoa the Living Island way back when. Two of them got killed at the time, and the other two somehow merged together and survived -- but Professor X assumed all four of them were dead, and erased Scott's memories of his long-lost brother and the other three. (How thoughtful of him!)

So those were the "most recent" cases of X-Men "dying" and X-Men "returning from the dead" on my Timeline of a year ago.

If you know of any other cases of "deaths" or "returns from the dead" that have been published since those stories, then please tell me who died (or returned) and in what issue of what title, so that I can whip a Fifth Draft into shape for the benefit of any fans who are interested in seeing the Grand Totals for how many times various X-Men have gone through this cycle!

P.S. The "Spoilers Welcome" bit in the title means there aren't any Spoilers for the most recent issues of any title in this post, but there probably will be such Spoilers in some of the responses I get, so if you don't want to find out what happened in comic books from the last couple of months that you haven't read yet, your best bet is to give this thread a miss! :)
Cable "died" in X-men 200 and was revealed alive in 205

Sabretooth died in Wolverine 55

Corsair died in Uncanny X-men 486
in what issue of Deadly Genesis was banshee killed? 4?
Scott Summers, Astonishing X-Men 22, resurrected in 23. It didn't last long but did I enjoy it :D
Seeing as he was clinically dead and he was resurrected with the same technology Colossus was you should :p
yeah, i called that before it happened
She didn't get scracht, and she even held her own against all Marauders and Acolytes until the others got away. While summers had EVERYONE in the mansion injured :p
but we also dont know if Storm got pummeled off panel..or have we been shown what happened to her, colossus and Angel yet?
We saw her with NO wounds, while everyone else was severely wounded

Now thats how Storm is supposed to opposed that creation that larocca recently displayed her as....
Larroca is getting worse by the day, it's hard to imagine he used to be one of the best pencilers...
Yeah....lets go back to that wonderful discussion in the '07 event about Storm as a leader....everyone else was hurt or critically wounded, Storm had not a scratch on her....sounds like a good leader to me.
not saying anything about Storm or anything...but wouldn't a GOOD leader be the one with all the scratches and damage in effort not to let his/her teammates come into harm?
not saying anything about Storm or anything...but wouldn't a GOOD leader be the one with all the scratches and damage in effort not to let his/her teammates come into harm?
cant lead if you are hurt or dead
cant lead from the rear, i was told that once by my first sergeant in the army :) leaders go first and lead by example
Actual leaders. There are Leaders In Name Only... or LINOs... or Emma Frosts.
Idk if I'd say Prodigy died during the Magik arc on NXM but something like that happened

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