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Heroes Action Figures (Wave One Pictures)

This one is cool
Only i can't make it big.
They are not that bad. Peter Petrelli looks a little Mongoloidish, but other than that, the models are a bit better then the Smallville pieces we saw a few months ago.
Mohinder looks alright, and Sylar would be better if his hair didn't look weird. The rest are sad likenesses.
Who the Hell are these people? :huh:

I see Mohinder and four complete strangers.
horrible action figures I just realized how many man purses are on the show
Those are really uninspired, with only Mohinder getting a decent resemblance. It would have been nice to have a collection of Heroes figs, but I'll pass on these.
That's a very bad likeness of Hayden.
Who the **** is Skyler?

Exactly what I thought. Like, I dont care if they made a mistake, the fact that they got that wrong is terrible.

Anyway, I think Todd McFarlane should have done the figures, just like he did with Lost.
mohinder is the only one done right. Peter's eyes are strange!
Why does Sylar's figure look like one of those little Demons from that ****ty 80's movie "The Gate"???

And yes, Antrax, there are an ***-load of man purses, aren't there?
No one else is more pissed that HRG isn't even in Wave 1!? :cmad:
According to Toyfare, these are all prototypes. Still, I agree that the Claire figure, though not particularly hideous, still looks nothing like Hayden P.

Was renting the RealScan studio going to be that expensive, really?!
Hiro looks like a fat asian woman...
didn't realize that these heroes are so art lovers.

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