Heroes Face Off: Round 8 Dead People From Season 1


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Sep 30, 2007
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Since I thought a face off game might liven things up, I decided to start one. there is no strict rule on how you should decide who to vote for, it could be who you think would win in a fight or merely your favourite character, so the Face Off's are as follows...

Round 1: Peter Petrelli VS Hiro Nakamura - Winner Peter Petrelli.
Round 2: Sylar VS Adam Monroe - Winner Sylar
Round 3: Noah Bennet VS Mohinder Suresh VS Ando Masahashi - Winner Noah Bennet
Round 4: Maya Herrera and Alejandro Herrera VS Niki Sanders and DL Hawkins - Winner Niki Sanders and DL Hawkins
Round 5: Claire Bennet VS Monica Dawson VS Elle Bishop - Winner Elle Bishop
Round 6: Nathan Petrelli VS Matt Parkman VS The Haitian - Winner The Haitian
Round 7: Micah Sanders VS Molly Walker - Winner Molly Walker
Round 8: Isaac Mendez VS Simone Deveaux VS Eden McCain VS Candice Wilmer
Round 9: Daniel Linderman VS Bob Bishop VS Angela Petrelli VS Kaito Nakamura VS Maury Parkman VS Charles Deveaux
Round 10: Peter Petrelli VS Round Sylar VS Noah Bennet
Round 11: Niki Sanders and DL Hawkins VS Elle Bishop VS The Haitian
Round 12: Molly Walker VS Round 8 Winner VS Round 9 Winner
Round 13 (Final): Round 10 Winner VS Round 11 Winner VS Round 12 Winner

Isaac Mendez



Simone Deveaux



Eden McCain



Candice Wilmer


I would have to go with either Eden or Candice. Ill go with Eden since she would just tell them all to kill themselves and then she wins.
Eden could just tell the others that they are beaten and that they can't even try to compete.
Definitely Eden with her awesome power.
Eden, hands down, easy. I mean, this is a girl who can actually command hearts to stop beating!!
Candace for the cuteness. :heart::heart:
I didnt even remember who Eden was til I saw the picture. I voted for Isaac

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