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Heroes too grounded in reality for costumes? Create a hero costume - manip thread :-)


Aug 29, 2005
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So I don't know that they would ever consider having any of them with a costume as it is somewhat grounded into our worldy reality. If they did however, what would look good on some of the particular actors/actresses in connection with their power?
Claire's cheerleader outfit is a bit of a costume. As well as hiro/adam's takezo kensei armor, and that outfit future hiro wears. Subtle costumes but costumes nontheless.
Plus the costume future Peter wears that makes him look like Neo from The Matrix......
I knew people would mention their regular outfits, but I tried my best to make it clear with "particular actors/actresses in connection with their power"

I meant actual incognito secret identity costumes relating to their powers.
I'm guessing normal urban, ninja, goth or biker leather type costumes will be used for some of our heroes and villains but nothing over the top like for example the Justice League, The Avengers or Teen Titans type of costumes. Maybe matching team costumes like the ones in the X-Men movies.. that would rule. :woot:
With major help from the Hero Machine:

Variations on my themes for Peter's "Omni" character that I named him as:

Oh Hero Machine 2.5 What would we do without you?
I like the armoured codpiece. :) It must be mandatory because it's in every version of the costume.


Not quite "mandatory". :)

I did this at work, and didn't have time to change details along, as soon as I hit on a combination I liked.
If someone does sylar he should have a classic manical doctor costume
i could see htem having like armor or somethig for some who arent protectede by thier powers like peter and clair

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