Jul 7, 2011
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Watched a 1st season of Heroes marathon past couple of days. Wow, forgot how great that show was. And the characters, so many favorite characters. My tops would be HRG, Claire, Zach, Sylar Hiro, Ando, and Matt.

Funny thing, there was a cameo from comic book legend Stan Lee. It was brief, he was a bus driver in it.
great at the start, but it all spiraled downhill on a road going nowhere fast right into the s**thole about mid second season and it just never recovered...
i've always wondered what could have happened if matt's kid and peter met.
Finally watched this. I loved season 1. After that it went down hill.

I also heard that the show might come back with a different cast?
I still don't care how bad it got. The great cast and just super powers in general made it at least worth watching for me. I do hope they bring it back. It was just too good of a universe they built not to continue it in some form
I thought it was dreadful after the first season. Simply involving "super powers" doesn't make me want to watch a bad show.
I didn't think the 2nd season was all that bad. But I.checked out somewhere.during the season
This show is one of the best examples ever of wasted potential. It's quite remarkable how fast and how hard it went downhill after the first season.
Finally watched this. I loved season 1. After that it went down hill.

I also heard that the show might come back with a different cast?

MSN wanted to bring back the show for their original programming on xbox but it fell through. however, there's going to be a season 5 comic instead.
Does anyone feel nostalgic over the show? From the first season, the concept, the point in time in superhero media when it came out; and ultimately what we hoped vs what we got, the decline, and how it ended. Anyone else feel the same?
Season one was by far the best. The rest wasn't completely terrible though. It did have many issues but a lot of the characters kept me around
Sadly Heroes Reborn damaged the legacy of this show even more. The first season was great, but we allknow what happened next. This show is the perfect example of how hard is it to invest to a scripted tv show. They hook you in the first season then frustrate you in a weekly basis (when a new episode airs) with the next couple of seasons. Its why I prefer movies over tv, especially when it comes to serialized sci fi/action shows.
I tapped out after season three. The first season was amazing but unfortunately, the writers' strike of 2007 was the beginning of the end for it.
Heroes Reborn could've been amazing if they could've gotten most of the original cast back for it. I also thought that it was dumb with what they did to Peter. IMO Peter was the Superman of that world in season 1 and we they depowered him I just thought it was a bad move. I hard for me to rewatch the series after season 1. I just can't do it.
I left the show with 4 episodes left in season three and skipped out entirely on Season 4.

Ah well, Milo got redemption for This is Us, which

this week's premiere wasn't much of a tear jerker

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