Sequels Higher Frame Rate?

Picard Sisko

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May 28, 2012
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Now with Peter Jackson's The Hobbit, does anyone think that 48 frames per second could become the new standard for film? Although there is mixed reaction to how it looks, I think that people are just not used to it. I remember when HD was new, a lot of people said it was "too weird" and dismissed it. But now 1080p is what everyone wants with film, or even youtube videos.

To get to the point, do you guys think that any of the future Spider-Man sequels will be filmed at 48 frames per second? The second one probably won't be, considering production starts this February, and there has been no mention of this. But by the third film, I think its possible. What do you think?
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I'd say it depends on how people react to it when The Hobbit comes out. lol
I think at some point, we will get a higher frame rate for movies. Even James Cameron is pushing it for his Avatar sequels.

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