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Oct 24, 2004
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After George Lucas finished work on 2005's Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, he wanted to look back on the now-completed Star Wars Saga through an entirely new point-of-view: isolating stills, or frames, from each of the six Star Wars films, focusing on them intensely as works of photography and design and reproducing them in a book. For two years, Lucas went through more than 200,000 frames per film, eventually editing more than a million frames down to the 1,416 images that now comprise Star Wars: Frames, an essential part of the Saga and a testament to the hard work, craftsmanship and dedication evident in every frame of every film. Within the pages of Frames, iconic and unexpected moments from each film reveal abstractions and deepen appreciations of the films' artistry.

Star Wars: Frames, previously available only as a $3,000 limited edition, presents these stills in a new, lower-priced edition, bringing together Lucas's personal shot-by-shot selections from all six Star Wars films into a lavishly designed two-volume hardcover set--one volume for the Original Trilogy and one volume for the Prequel Trilogy. For collectors and fans, Star Wars: Frames is a more affordable edition of this grand project devoted to the art and craftsmanship of a cinematic phenomenon--an essentially photographic and yet filmic, look at the cinema of George Lucas, printed with the highest production values--the ultimate Star Wars book and collector's piece.
Glad I got my order in when this was £56.56 as it looks like it's going to be quality.

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I was looking at that book the other day, and it's in my shopping cart. I just havent pulled the trigger yet lol.
Star Wars: Frames - Book Trailer


I can't wait to get this!
Mine arrived today, it's a fantastic collectors item but incredibly heavy, be wary if you have to carry your delivery up stairs.
How's it looking, Hunter? I'm curious bout this one, is it worth getting? Is it just pictures or is there more?
How's it looking, Hunter? I'm curious bout this one, is it worth getting? Is it just pictures or is there more?

It's pretty much just high gloss photos from all of the movies, beautiful captures that act as a still portrait of the entire saga.
Aah ok, tnx! I'm definitely gonna get this eventually :woot:

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