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Hoping someone can grant me a wish


May 20, 2005
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Hey friends. I have been unable to track down a copy of Hickman's new book from Image. If anyone can get me a copy, I'll pay all expenses; plus, I'll ship them some comics free of charge. I just ask it be a near mint copy first edition.

Thanks for anyone who tries to hunt one down.
Hi Phaed... I got a copy at my store for you... they had one left, so I just called and told them to put it aside...

Email me your info, and I'll ship it to you...

I think you have my email info from SHHFFL... but if you don't, I'm gonna send you a PM...

Thanks TMOB! Message sent. I really appreciate this.
Cool. I was gonna check my shop Wednesday but TMOB is a better friend than me and used his telephone.

Who's the jerk?

The guy at my shop?

Cause it certainly couldn't be the guy who would use popular 20th century devices to get something done fast...

:whatever: :whatever: :whatever:

:oldrazz: :oldrazz:


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