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How creepy is Pete Doherty?

War Lord

Sep 1, 2003
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DRUG fiend Pete Doherty stoops to a shocking new low in pictures showing him injecting heroin into an unconscious fan.

The junkie Babyshambles singer, who has won the heart of supermodel Kate Moss, was snapped jabbing the pretty youngster as she lay in his squalid kitchen.

Other pictures seen by The Sun show the rocker — who faces drugs charges — injecting himself and being helped to take drugs by a girl using her hands to form a makeshift tourniquet.

Yet another sees Doherty, 27, smoke a “crack bowl”, his tattooed and blood-stained arms betraying his addiction.

The disturbing scenes were captured by a pal at Doherty’s pad in Hackney, East London, within the last five weeks.

Scotland Yard today announced detectives are to quiz the rock star over the shocking photographs.

Kate, 32 — who has been secretly seeing the singer despite claims they had split — was NOT present when the drug photographs were taken.

The comatose girl is from a middle-class background and idolises Doherty, often visiting him at his flat. She was left on the floor while he and his pals prepared more class A drugs for themselves.

A source said: “Doherty will self-destruct. He has no regard for his or anyone else’s safety.

“It’s one thing killing himself, but to inject a young girl as she lies on the floor is a disgrace. He should be in jail.

Self-destruct ... tattooed singer jabs a drug needle into his arm

“Kate and Pete never split up. And the longer she sees him the greater the danger of her exposure to drugs.”

Mum-of-one Kate, seen in a separate shot printed in today's Sun newspaper looking dazed and dishevelled in bed, entered rehab to escape cocaine. She claimed she finished with Doherty due to his addiction.

But pals fear she is mixing with a drug-fuelled world of depravity that could ruin her chances of staying clean.

The shot of the bleary-eyed beauty in bed is recent — and thought to have been taken by Doherty at a secret location.

Our exclusive shots will infuriate anti-drugs campaigners who wanted Doherty jailed for his open drug abuse.

The rocker is on two years’ probation after admitting seven counts of possession.

He was put on an 18-month rehabilitation order and given a six-month driving ban.

But hours after a hearing last week he was arrested on suspicion of possessing a class A drug with intent to supply and bailed pending inquiries.

Doherty is tested for drugs every month under his rehab order — but has failed twice.

At his grotty home, he has pushed used needles into his dartboard and drawn graffiti on the walls using his own BLOOD.
Oh, Kate, you sure know how to bet on a winner! :up:

I've never had any beef with the bloke. My problem was with the media making him out to be the antichrist. Kate Moss is a model, of course she has/had dabbled with drugs. I never understood why the Kate/Pete relationship bothered so many people.
You know, if this was my neighbor next door, he'd be in jail, but Kate Moss and Pete Doherty are in "rehab". What a crock. :down:
Pete pissed me off when I heard what he did to that girl. Sure he can harm himself but when doing something like that....well, it's disgraceful.
Hasn't she at least had her kid taken away? I've seen people have their kids taken away for much less.
Its rumored Macaulay Culkin has moved into an apartment with Pete Doherty in Paris.

This is an OD waiting to happen. Amy Winehouse friendship with Doherty did her no good.
they must think they're gauguin and van gogh or rimbaud and verlaine.
"won the heart of Kate Moss"? What, did he give her a sandwich?

And this guy is probably half the reason Amy Winehouse OD'ed, so why am I not surprised?

EDIT: I just realized I replied to an article that's seven years old. Now I feel kinda silly. And yeah, Macauley would have a better chance with the wet bandits than Doherty.
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