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Jul 26, 2005
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I cant remember was there this thread or not, so if it was, please dont be angry with me.

Of corse, I think Singer is really good director and I think SR will be great movie, I hope so. It looks perfect for me.

But I want you to think about what you would change in his movie or what Superman movie would you make.
I wouldn't dare to take a shot at that.. I'll let Singer decide what a superman movie should be now at days, thank you.
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I would have made a much different film. From looking at the trailer and what I know of the script, I would have made much more of a science fiction type film.

In fact, I have a treatment I started that actually begins in the past with a war on Apokolips and Darksied looking for a new weapon in his war against New Genesis. He discovers the Kryptonians who, through the help of Desaad, he realizes could be of great power under the proper circumstances. Unfortunately, he discovers them too late. He does manage a decade later to uncover the location of the last surviving Kryptonian.

The story that follows involves him going to Earth to capture or recruit the Kryptonian. Failing that, he kidnaps half the city of Metropolis (including Lois and crew - it would be too cliche to have him just take Supes 'favrites' and it would allow for some non-Superman related heroics from Lois and Jimmy) to lure Supes to Apokolips and force him into servitude.

Of course, this wouldn't really be an origin story per se but would have elements of one. Those elements would tie very closely to Byrne's Krypton and not Donner's. I've never liked Donner's version and Byrne's is just that much more interesting and drama laden.
I would have went directly to Brainiac teaming up with Luthor. You could bring Krypton, The Fortress of Solitude, Kandor into the story with no problem. While at it you could expound on Superman's search for his lost heritage and still have enough action to keep things moving. The heavy reliance on Lutor is redundant and should have been re-thought. Superman would have to fight to prevent Brainiac from doing the same thingt o Earth that he did to the remains of Krytpon. The 6-year absence angele coudl still be used though I would have shied away from it. All loose ends from the second movie wuold be tied off nicely. I DEFINITELY would not have Lois running around with a kid. And I would have gone with the older, classic suit.
I think that a return story is an extremely interesting idea, and I'm glad that Singer's doing it. It's a nice break from the numerous origin stories (that we're still getting). To see how a world exists without a hero they've depended on tells a completely unique side of the superhero story (ex. Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns).

However, in doing so, I think Singer missed out on a huge opportunity. If you're going to do the return story, make it the second one, and set it up in the first one with how he left -- The Death of Superman.

If I was in charge of the Superman series, that's what I'd do.
If I could do it right now, I'd make Birthright into a movie. It reads like a movie anyway, updates Supes for 2000s and is a great story.
I`d make a movie more like Superman for all seasons, but i love what Singer is doing.
I love how Singer's film looks and I am sure I will love it,but this is how I'd do Superman if I could.If I made one I would make it a full in depth telling of his origin.Going into the whole plot line in the comics where he became a hero in Afrcia as part of his Superman training(kind of like BB).While in Africa he stops a huge crime ring.Mostly I would retell his origin like how Singer is in flashbacks(or so I've heard).Then after the Africa part he return to Smallville,his mom make the costume,and go off to Metropolis.The rest is the basic love story with Lois,tons of Superman action,and the villain as Lex Luthor.But one difference is I would make the biggest most epic fight scene ever between Bizarro and Superman(Bizarro being a failed clone of Superman and is controlled by Lex).I just can't explain it all,but I have tons of great ideas.Plus I would love the look of the city be like a 1940s New York Gangster look.As far as the cast goes I want for the head of the crime ring in Africa the guy who is Mr. Eko in Lost;Superman would definitely be Routh;Jimmy Olson,although I like the SR actor,I'd go younger with maybe Haley Joel Osment or(if he could fake a good American accent)Rupert Grint,but I most want the guy who was Jimmy in King Kong;for Lex definitely a more muscular Michael Rosenbaum;Lois either Bosworth or Natalie Portman;and for Perry White the original SR one Hugh Laurie from House.But I hope you all liked what I've put down,I hope to be a filmaker some day and dream of making a Superman movie so please give feedback if you like it or hate it,and thanks.

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