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Hulk video i found on youtube...

one forgets at times just how creepy those white green eyes that signaled the change were.

That is one thinG I missed in the movie there wasn't that focus on the eyes just before the change and when there was brief moments of Focus the eyes were turning green.

CGi is great..

but those contacts were frightening at times....also it was more dramatic....instead of a slow CGi morph to green... it was just there..Blam in your face and you knew a change was coming
i'm in half minds about the contacts myself....

good idea for back in the day, not sure how they would handle in a film today though although their use would indeed be nostalgic.
Hahahahaha! That video was hilarious. I'd almost take that Hulk over the CG Hulk lol
That was a pretty good trailer but the movie was trash. Btw...ReporterKent, Id like to see you make a better one.
The Incredible Hulk - Animated T.V. Series Intro


Hulk Trailer Spoof - Proceed with Caution


Incredible Hulk Live Action T.V Series Intro


Incredible Hulk Music Video with T.V Series clips


The Young Ones Neil turns into the Hulk


Hulk Movie Music Video using "Animal" by 3 Days Grace


Hulk Out Homer Simpson

redmarvel said:
The Incredible Hulk - Animated T.V. Series Intro

I don't understand why for the first few eps, the opening is fine yet for the rest of the series, it messes up with the whole bruce and betty being on a rock star that turns into general ross as he grabs her and swivels so that bruce falls without her...

if you watch it, it'll make more sense....

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