Hype! Deathmatch: The Return!


Mar 26, 2005
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We haven't done a Hype! Deathmatch in a very long time, and I have fond(ish) memories of competing in them (and losing). I think it's high time we bring it back, and I shall volunteer as host! :o

But, JP, how does it work? Good question!

In this thread we'll take volunteers/nominations. I'll keep this going for the next few days, until we have 32 candidates. After that, the matches will begin. Each match will consist of 2 users and you, the people, will vote (in a poll!) on either contestant.

Round 1: 32 users
Round 2: 16 users
Round 3: 8 users
Round 4: 4 users
Round 5: 2 users


Contenders so far...

1. The Immortal!
2. Spider-Fan
3. The Squirrel
4. Kane52630
5. Aesop Rocks
6. SuperFerret
7. Bruce Banner
9. Hound55
10. BizarroAids
11. ComicChick
12. Matt
13. Marx
14. chaseter
15. Logan's Lady
16. The Original Bamfer
17. knowsbleed
18. KALEL114
19. Drakon
20. NotAHenchWench
21. Asteroid-Man
22. Alex The Great
23. JewishHobbit
24. E-Man
25. Manic
26. AndThePickles
27. Colossal Spoons
28. JustABill
29. redmarvel
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**** YEAR HYPE SURVIOR!!!!!! :cmad:

JOINING DAT ****!!!!! :cmad:

I'm going to regret this, but I invoke my rematch clause.
Sign me up

Since I haven't done survivor yet I should take my chance at something else.
It's less work than Survivor because all it requires is ****ing yourself out for votes. :up:
I may bear the scars from our last encounter, but I now know your measure. I shall not fall again.
How am I measured? In miles or kilometers?
Inches. Two and a half to be exact.

Better than centimeters, I guess.
I was going to say millimeters, but I prefer to show some respect for my opponent before I stab them in the kidney.
Could you maybe make it the spleen? I am less worried about my spleen.
At least I have a spare kidney :up:
Oh I might have already taken that one. The one in the fridge right?
It's okay. I took one of yours, so we're even :up:
It's perfectly normal, dont worry :up:

Oh, you are an organ donor, right?
So who am I busting up first, JP?

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