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Jun 16, 2007
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Yep, we're gonna try a thing! I've seen this suggested a few times, especially with the return of the TV Club, so it feels a bit overdue. @Lily Adler @Kane52630 @Iceman @squeekness @DKDetective @DarthSkywalker @Snow Queen @Sawyer @Pennywise @CaptainWagner @kguillou @Enriquespy @Drizzle @OtherwiseKnownAs @Ninjablade @moviedoors @Deck Rickard @Sithborg @Perfect Cell and anyone else who might be interested because I'm sick of tagging, let's go! The format is subject to change as we work out what works best for us, but here's how it will go to start:

For every month, I will name a decade. I will try to do this about a week before the end of the previous month, to give people time to come up with nominations.

For that decade, you can nominate up to THREE titles from said decade for us to watch. A "title" CAN be a movie series.

The movies can be your faves, movies you just feel like everyone should see, or maybe just movies you've always wanted to watch and never got around to before. It's up to you.

And then, for the next week or so, vote! After the vote, I will make a post for the chosen movies, and then we watch and discuss the chosen movies at our leisure over the rest of the month. That's it!

And yes, there are only so many decades of movies we want to watch (I don't plan to ever go earlier than the 1930's unless there's expressed interest), so if your pick for that decade isn't chosen that month, don't worry, that decade will come back before ya know it.

Questions? Feel free to ask.

As for series, you might be asking, "what if the series I want has installments in multiple decades"?
If ANY installment of the series is in that month's chosen decade, it qualifies.

"What if a series has way too many installments?" How much you watch is up to you, but
we will plan on watching ALL installments of a series, unless it's got more than 5 installments in total. In which case we'll say, try to watch at least the first 3, OR, in some special cases, we might decide on select installments to watch. Just watch what you can!

Big thanks to @Lily Adler for doing the graphic above and any future graphics she provides for this because I have zero ability to make those, lol.

And so, without further ado, our inaugural decade for the Hype Movie Club for the month of June will be...

The 1980's

Nominations are now open!
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Just checked my “To-See/Rewatch Soon List” and any of these will do fine:

Blade Runner
The Breakfast Club

(Back up): Fast Times at Ridgemont High

If we need tie breakers later I’ll second Brazil, Amadeus and Raging Bull. If we want timely stuff ahead of upcoming films then the Indy series and Batman 89 would be good too. A ton of stuff I’d want to watch from the suggestions above mine so I’d quite happily do 8 over 2 months. :D
Ok guys, I think we've got plenty of great nominations for June, so I'm gonna close the nomination period and start with the voting! If you didn't get your nominations in this time, don't worry - the 80's will come back around in a few months. Like I said, I'm working out how best to do this, so we might change it up in future months, but for now, I'm gonna say everyone gets FIVE votes. That gives people a chance to vote for all their nominees if they want, plus another nominee. Here's the list of nominees:

The Indiana Jones series
The Verdict
Once Upon a Time in America
Come and See
Raging Bull
After Hours
Blue Velvet
Blow Out
Blade Runner
The Breakfast Club
The Back to the Future series
Batman '89
Fright Night
The Hunger
Near Dark
The Lost Boys
Kiki's Delivery Service
Little Shop of Horrors
Steel Magnolias
Blood Simple

AGAIN, YOU CAN VOTE FOR UP TO FIVE, and that includes series!
Didn't nominate anything because the 80s is so hard to choose from, and alas voting ain't any easier. :funny:
  1. Indiana Jones series
  2. Batman 89
  3. Raging Bull
  4. Blow Out
  5. The Lost Boys
Blow Out has been on my watchlist for awhile since I finally watched Blow Up recently, and I'm also apart of the uninitiated when it comes to The Lost Boys :ninja:
Looking at the list of nominees I can't believe how many iconic '80's films I haven't watched yet :eek:

Instead of just voting for my own nominations I'll select a mix of the ones that I'd like to finally get around to seeing:

Raging Bull
Blood Simple
Blue Velvet

And for those of you who haven't watched Lost Boys yet, make sure to check out the concurrently released Near Dark as well. It's a much more effective - and intense - variation on the same theme.

And if there's a sexier vampire flick out there than The Hunger, I personally haven't seen it...
Most of my favourite vampire movies were released in the 1980's:




Horror is one genre I under-consumed back then, but I was always into vampires so I should have seen these. Haven't even heard of them all though lol. Hopefully we get around to these in one of the future 80s months (maybe Lost Boys this month).
I was saving some of these for Halloween but I’ll go ahead and vote for a few I haven’t seen before

The Hunger
The Lost Boys
Near Dark

and 2 others that I have seen

Raging Bull
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