I have seen CASINO ROYALE & this is what i have to say (Heavy Spoilers!)


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Jun 27, 2003
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Before I begin, let me say that this is actually under the "Casino Royale (spoilers) section... so i guess it is safe to proceed IF you have seen the movie

Oh man! i love this movie!
Sure, it doesn't have a LOT of the signature Bond ingredients...
(like the overblown stunt car chases, or the Sci-fi-like villains)
but it sure does remind you of CLASSIC Bond
(like From Russia with Love & Dr. No)
which relies MUCH on the intrigue, the thrill, & the espionage aspect of the movie.

& yes, NOW we know why Bond is BOND...
the movie does not start with the typical Bond (on shooter's scope) intro because he really does not become 100% THE James Bond we all know...not until the end


I'll get back for more comments...I'm writing my full review for the paper I work with
God, at this point, I hope the movie lives up to my expectations. When I saw M:I-3, I'd been told that it was the best of the series and all these reviewers were building it up. I kind of got psyched, and it wasn't nearly as good. Now these reviews for CR are glowing! I've been pro-Craig since the beginning, I just hope it's excellent..
Jack Napier said:
God, at this point, I hope the movie lives up to my expectations. When I saw M:I-3, I'd been told that it was the best of the series and all these reviewers were building it up. I kind of got psyched, and it wasn't nearly as good. Now these reviews for CR are glowing! I've been pro-Craig since the beginning, I just hope it's excellent..

I think all the MI movies have been better than the Bond movies of the same period (GoldenEye onwards), especially in terms of action and stunts. I'm hoping Casino Royale will take back the crown....
In my humble opinion, the most recent Mission Impossible movie was garbage. Nothing happened in it, and it was very anticlimactic. The first one was really good, but they kinda went downhill from there. That said, so did the Brosnan Bonds.

Just how awesome is the scene at the airport? How long is that scene (aprox.)?

Because reading the leaked screenplay, I think- hope- that will be one of my favorite scenes for a long time to come.
if u ask me about the airport scene, i didn't think it was impressive...

actually, for me, what made CR a great film is NOT the action sequences but the overall storytelling... it goes back to the core of what James Bond really is as brought to life with the early movies such as FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE

i know that in Bond films, one has got to expect a little farout action storyline. But that kind of expectation can possibly ruin the film for the viewer who expects the camp aspect of Bond films (that which has been emphasized by the Moore Bond)

i think, in order to appreciate CASINO ROYALE, one has got to NOT expect gadgets & high tech stuff or Villain-HQs in Ice Palaces or Fake volcanoes.
This movie ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just got back from seeing it.

Let me 1st say that, Craig is NOT Connery, However, Craig has easily and effortlessly established himself as the 2nd best James Bond. CR ranks the 3rd best Bond movie. Goldfinger comes first, FRWL comes second, followed by CR.

"Do you believe in God"?

"No. I believe in a reasonable return"

What we got with CR after investing Craig into the franchise was a richly, overwhelming return.

The 2 kills were seriously brutal, trust me Craig makes Brosnan look like a girly scout. Just watch Bond's face as he's beating the crap out of the guy in the toilet and the way he drowns him. The second kill was just kept clean. The idiot tried to unload some bullets into Bond but Bond had taken the clip out prior to the guys arrival. (Again, this scene reminds me of the Bond/Dent kill in Dr.No)
Back to the bathroom scenes, the guy who Bond beat the ***** out of isn't dead and tries to reach for his gun but Bond bends down to pick up his gun, swerves around blasting him in the face( This is also the gunbarrel scene) Enter colour.

That sebastian guy, the free runner is one beast of an athlete, can somebody please put him in a spider-man costume for goodness sake! His stunts were noting short f astonishing whilst evading Bond. Craig as Bond was so briliant in the role that its easy to forget that there was a huge outcry as to why he was cast. Hell, you dont even see Craig, you see Bond.

As Bond finally catches the bomber after brilliant stunts of running, chasing evasion, bullet dodging and explosions it all comes to head when Bond is surrounded and thows down his gun and hands the bomber back to his people....only to whip out another gun from his midsection and blast the bomber in the heart and then proceeds to shoot a huge gas tank blowing the ***** out of everything (kind of reminds me of the boat scene in FRWL when Connery shoots those tanks he released into the water, blowing everything up.
Anyway, after the huge explosion Bond is nowhere to be found, he of course pulled a kaizer soze and dissapeared into the bushes.

Enter M. I love her character in this movie, she gives off this maternal vibe as she rants about bond, "celebrating his 00 license by blowing up an embassy". The way she spoke to him wasn't in a condescending manner but more like how a mother rants and disciplines her child. Her scenes with Craig were excellent and despite the tongue lashings she gave him, you could tell she was astonishingly impressed by his resorcefulness (jacking her password and info to get secure files and info amongst other things).

Then there's sologne and her husband. Solonge is fine as hell, I could tap that ass all day every damn day. Bond beats her husband in a card game and wins his aston martin db5.
Bond kills him with dimitrius' wn knife, slick and stylishly infront of amy people at some skeleton's playing cards room or whatever....I cant think properly right now, I'm still buzzing.
The airport-bomb scene was nothing short of slick, explosions and bond doing a lot of running (he does that a lot in this movie which isn't a bad thing at all) As Bond pursues this cargo bomber he hangs on for dear life as the truck turns and swerves. As Bond is hanging to the side of the truck, he notices the bomb is attached to the underbelly of the truck.
Finally Bond has a serious altercation no doubt with the bomber inside the truck and just when you think the bomber is about to jump out of the truck, Bond repeatedly pulls him back in. Finally, the bomber gets out and Bond is left to steer an out control, oil-leaking truck away from the plane. The Police aprehend Bond and the bomber watches from the sidelines. The bomber pulls out the detonator and presses the button BUt he hears the beeping sound and its too close for comfort for him, realising that the Bomb had been removed from under the truck, he finds the bomb attached to the back of his belt and looks at an apprehended Bond. Bond smiles at him and the bomber is fittingly blown into bits.

Vesper is stunning but not in a casual sexy way but more a, sexy-classical way. The pshyco analysis Bond and Vesper trade with each other regarding the sort of person they each were and their background was classic. Both gave as good as they got.
Both Bond and Vesper reach the hotel but Vesper is p1ssed at Bond because he used his real name to book in as opposed to the fake ID's they were given but Bond insists it doesn't matter. Vesper tells Bond that LeChiffre will know that Bond is reckless and proceeds into the elevator byherself, forbidding Bond to go in with her because there isn't space for her and his ego. Nice. Meanwhile Bond gets a package and proceeds to a slick, beautiful Aston Martin. Inside the glove compartment is a gun and some med-kits and whatnot. Bond goes inside the hotel and hands over to vesper a sexy dress, a tool which he wants her to wear to distract the other poker players. Vesper has left a dinner suit on Bond's bed in which he protests he already has 1 but moments later he's wearing the suit Vesper gave him and checks himself out in the mirror.

The game card game begins....Bond wants a drink and tells the barman the ingredients of what to include in his drink. Suddenly everyone else playing much to LeChiffre's frustration wants the exact same drink, lol quite a funny scene. Later Vesper shows up, kisses James and then goes over and sits with Mathis. Time for a break. LeChifre and his chic go into their room and are nabbed by the guys who LeChifre *****ed up heir money. One guy has a machette and badly want to use it and tells LeChiffre's chick to stick her arm out. Bond and Vesper hear the screaming but the goons come out before Bond can do anything and for Vesper to reach the stares to move away from the area. So, Bond and Vesper act as though they're making out against a wall and then 1 of the guys try to blast Bond in the back of the head but naturally Bond shifts out of the way thus, the stairwell fight takes place. Gritty, Brutal and Bloody are the words to describe this fight. Bond chockes the last guy to death whilst vesper had struggled to move the gun away from the chokee's hand.
Bond and Vesper sit in a shower as Bond sucks her fingers to "clean" her hands because she couldn't get the blood off. Very touching and powerful stuff.
To cut the card game short, Bond loses money after analysing LeChiffre in which he notices his eye bleeds when he's bluffing. Bond tells Vesper and Mathis but you find out later Mathis tells LeChiffre and thats how LeChiffre beat Bond. Anyway, Vesper doesn't stake Bond in again and a rather funny by scene takes place in which Bond acts a little childish by mumbling something to vesper and she's like, "What"? and Bond says, "I said you're a bloody idiot" and then storms off. Bond meets Felix Leiter and he doesn't want Bond to quit and agrees to stake him in as long as the CIA take in LeChiffre. Bond agrees But LeChiffre isn't happy. Bond gets a drink and when he sips it, he goes all weird-looking, like he's having a fit and is about to explode. Bond stumbles out of the casino, almost getting mowed over by speeding cars, makes his way into the Aston Martin and contacts MI6. He's been poisoned. Bond is about to have 1 serious heart attack and is given instructions to remedee the problem, he only has seconds to live. Bond opens up the glove compartment and taks out this blue syringe and sticks it into the vein in his neck and he has that heart-jumpstarter thing that he needs to attach and then presses he red button before he passes out. Bond epeatedly presses the red button but nothing's happening, Bond isn't going to make it. One of the wires isn't inserted into the heart-jumpstart and before Bond can do anything, he passes out......

Seconds later esper shoes up, inserts the red wire and presses the button. Bond comes to and acts as though nothing bad happened and even asks vesper if she is ok. Bond's attitude to his own life is strange, weird and quite humourous. Bond refuses to go to the hospital and gets back into the game. LeChiffre is shocked to see Bond much less Bond looking so well. Anyway Bond wins the money, LeChiffre is p1ssed and walks out. Bond and Vesper have dinner to celebrate Bond's victory, Vesper gets an alledged call from Mathis. Bond realises a little too late that its some sort of trap, Bond tries to find vesper and sees her being shoved into a car. Bond chases after the car and then dives into his beautiful Aston Martin. The AM gets *****ed as Bond swerevs away to avoid running over vesper who is tied up, lying on the road. Bond and vesper are both shoved into LeChiffre's car, Bond who was barely conscious passes out in the car.

Bond is stripped from his clothing. 1 guy cuts out the seat part from a chair. LeChifre wastes little time getting down to business. He wants the password and account number so he can get the money back that he owes. LeChiffre gets a rope and goes to town on Bond's balls. IT WAS PAINFUL!!

Bond cries out in agony, his screams are deafening. Bond then tries to wind up LeChiffre by telling him he has an itch and that if he didn't mind....LeChiffre starts whacking away. Bond bares the obvious pain, gritting his teeth and cryng out. His cries soon turn to tortourous laughter, goading LeChiffre to wack him on the other side of his balls. LeChifre is really p1ssed and knows he's getting nowhere with Bond. Bond laughs at him saying that, Lechiffre is going to die scratching Bond's balls. LeChiffre is confused as to why Bond thinks lechiffre is going to die because the present situation dictates that if anything lechiffre is not in any position to be killed. Bond explains that lechiffre wont get the money and that lechiffre's crditors will kill lechiffre. He has nowhere to hide. Lechiffre clearly knows Bond is right but fails to accept such a thing and tells Bond that he's going to cut his balls off and feed them to him. LeChiffre kicks the chair over, with Bond now on his back on the floor and then gun shots interrupt lechiffre's planned testicular surgery. A gunman walks out of where vesper and her captors were held and lechifre is scared sh1tless, begging him to spare his life, that he'll have the money. Lechiffre gets a bullet to the brain end of.

Bond momentarily regains consciousness, he's in a hospital, he calls out for vesper but then passes out. Bond wakes up again, he's in a wheel chair outside ina garden with Mathis. The conversation doesn't last long because 2 guys come up and use a teaser on Mathis. Vesper and Bond are happy and in love. Bond resigns from MI6. They give the code and password to some swiss guy who'll transfer the money, all is good.

Later vesper goes off to extract the money. Bond gets a call from M saying that the money hasn't reached the account. Something's not right. Bond calls up the swiss guy and the swiss guy tells him whats happening at that the money is being withdrawn as they speak by vesper. Bond races over to the bank. Vesper is nowhere to be seen. Bond finally sees her and folows her. Bond blasts some look-out goon in the side of his head but is later spotted by the guy who vesper's giving the money to. The guy takes vesper hostage and says come out or she dies and bond coldly replies, "let me" a shoot out takes ensues. What I like about Bond in this movie is that there's no "A-team" style of shooting. Bond doesn't shoot for the sake of shooting, wasting ammo and bullets, he knows what he's doing, hits his targets, he's a smart shooter. Another brutal fight/shootout takes place, Bond gets shot in the shoulder with a nail gun and then shoots the guy who was going to be given the money in his eye with the same nail gun. Vesper has betrayed Bond and cant forgive herself and allows herself to die, trapped in a sunken elevator. Bond was lied to, betrayed, heart broken, used and has now been robbed of genuine affection and emotion. He trusts nobody.

M calls Bond. Se offers him more time away from work but Bond wants to go back to work straight away. "Why do I need more time? I got the job done the b1tch is dead". Bond finds out that Vesper had been comprmised. Her husband or boyfriend was being held captive and she needed to cooperate with the bad guys in order to save his life. We also find out that vesper made a deal with them to spare hers and Bond's life when they came and killed leChiffre. Vesper left Bond one last gift. Mr White. White had taken the money.

White recieves a phone call, "hello, who is this"? As he walks, you hear an ear-piercing gun shot. White gets shot in the leg. He's on the floor and is crawling to some steps. A man with nice shoes is walking up those steps and as the camera pans out you see Bond wearing a slick (the mother of all suits) suit, holding a bigass gun.

"The name's Bond......Jamess Bond"


Enter Bond theme tune.

I could have cried with happiness after watching this movie. It was beautiful and well acted out. Daniel Craig is the best thing that happened to the Bond franchise since TSWL. Make no mistake, he's here to stay and all the naysayers can go ***** themselves. Craig takes the pain and dishes out. This is 1 bond you could put in a ring with Bauer and Bourne and know that Bond can batter the living day lights out of them. Bond throughout this movie never gives up and keeps going. He's relentless. This movie shows Bond growing and acquiring the tastes and attitude we usually see him display. He's reckless, resourceful, cool, smart and egotistical BUt he is still human. He gets upset, makes mistakes and gets told off alot by M. I'm glad that Bond recognised how M was treating him and even calls her, mum as he leaves her apartment. Go see this movie now, its easily movie of the year and you'll be pleased.
I might just go and see it again tonight, I cant wait for tomorrow to see it again.
This movie has been well worth the wait and if you call yourself a Bond fan and think this movie sucks, my opinion is that you know nothing about Bond and you can sit there and clutch onto your TWINE's and DADs.

Babs, Wilson and Craig have delivered bring on Bond 22 dammit!!!

The movie gets 9.5/10 because it should have been longer.
thought i would post this at the hype also
well i just watched CASINO ROYALE

now most of you know my stance when craig was cast,i was not happy but said i would wait and see.Well now i have seen.

well his looks have become irellevent because this is not the bond we know and love of the films,this is the bond of the books and DANIEL CRAIG IS JAMES BOND.
I WAS WRONG about DANIEL CRAIG.this is a cold blooded killer,who hates to kill but does so.craig was amazing.i always thought he would be able to do the killer but not the suave/humour,well he did and can.there were no stupid crap one liners,the ones they did have worked and craig pulled them off superbly.This film felt fresh and new,while paying respect to the book but updated for the 21st century.i have to say casino royale is the best bond film for years,it is a real film.No superhero bond who does not get hurt.While i loved the previouse bond films this has a new feel to it.i have to say i am so pleased and roll on 2008.

one sad thing is that quite a few people left during the film.
And now, you have seen said light. lol. Seriously, I'm glad you enjoyed it, it is a great piece of filming.
johnsonuk said:
one sad thing is that quite a few people left during the film.

how the hell can anyone leave during this film?

johnsonuk said:
one sad thing is that quite a few people left during the film.

how the hell can anyone leave during this film?

BTW...did anyone else spot Richard Branson's cameo?!......
yeah at the airport going through the metal detectors.
That took me out of the suspense of that scene for a couple of seconds. I had no idea he was going to be in it!......
Neither did I. I almost missed him because I was focused on Bond but Branson was only there for about 2 secs anyway.
another branson cameo? (superman returns) no wonder he was at the premier

movie sounds great going friday!
DANIEL CRAIG - super Bond!
Le Chiffre my FAVORITE!!!
the only wish more good end. dynamic. not only Bond.... James Bond!
stupids who left theatre during the movie...impotents
have to say i wish the ending would have been the final lines of the book"the ***** is dead" but the ending they did have left me with a buzz and wanting more...
Akimych said:
stupids who left theatre during the movie...impotents
you have to rememeber this is a different type of film and some will not like it.
I was satisfied with the ending. You could hear the original theme tune building up and as soon as he utters those famous words, the music goes into full swing.
pointman said:
I was satisfied with the ending. You could hear the original theme tune building up and as soon as he utters those famous words, the music goes into full swing.
i agree the ending was good.i just would have liked the last lines of the book.But we got the line anyway and we got a line that left us wanting more anyway.

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