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I knew it...Mr. & Mrs. Smith Unrated Version on DVD.

Aug 30, 2004
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Jesus Christ :rolleyes:
Good news is that Fox is SO PREDICTABLE now, that at least smart consumers/DVD collectors will pass on the first DVD release of any big Fox release, and just wait for the now OBVIOUS double dip.
Anyways, I really loved this movie, but since I knew they were coming out with this (I mean, the trailer showed some many scenes that were missing, and plus, the first DVD was super lame), I am very happy to see this.
Definitely getting this :up:

2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen.
English Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 Surround tracks.
Runtime = 125 minutes (around 13 minutes longer than the theatrical cut)
Director Doug Liman Commentary,
Deleted scenes including an alternate ending.
Doug's Film School Sequence Breakdowns With The Director (which includes Animatics, Storyboards And A Major Action Sequence Not Included In The Film).
Behind the scenes documentary.
Confidential Files Featuring Secret Footage.
Shooting School Combat Training featurette.
Photo gallery and more...

You know the ironic thing about some of these "unrated" DVD's, some would probobly be rated exactly the same either way:o
I wonder if Brad Pitt's actually allowed to hit Jolie in this version.
I remember a nice reverse roundhouse kick by Brad.
Very cool, but nowhere to be seen on the trailer :down
meh, I have the version I want. I won't bother with this one.
I'll give it a rent and if it's something I feel is better than the theatrical, I'll copy it then.
yay!....13 min!!

i hope it actually has some good deleted scenes like daredevil.

im definatly picking this version up.

i hope it has that one sex scene they had to cut from it in order for it to be pg-13.

that's probably why it's unrated
if it wasnt for all that dumb celebritiy controversy there might have been a sequel......

they cut out the sex scene for two reasons

1. a lower rating
2. so the aniston fans wouldn't boycott.

damn media
JoLiE_MeNdEz said:
i hope it has that one sex scene they had to cut from it in order for it to be pg-13.

that's probably why it's unrated

^Did it reveal alot?
I hope it has Brad riding the tricycle shooting the M429. :D
Hence why I don't buy DVDs from 20th Century Fox anymore. Stll waiting for my Fantastic Four 1.5 DVD :o

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