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I would like to see a Gundam-like ending for JLU


Mar 7, 2005
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Yes, Gundam. The anime. But let me explain:

In certain Gundam shows (ex: Endless Waltz, Gundam X, and Turn-A Gundam), the ending is like this: the final battle in the final episode ends early. Leaving the last few minutes to focus on the characters and what they're doing after the show ended. Someone had a kid, they're grown up, did somethings, became what they wanted or ending up happening to be, stuff like that. In the end; creating a perfect THE END for the show.

And idea for JLU would be something like this:

- Clark, Kara, Stargirl, and Jonn (possibility others) go see the Kent Family again for a visit

- Huntress gives some fight points to Question. He gets disracted and she hits him. She gets him back up, says sorry, then goes at it again

- Diana and Hippolotya and the rest of the Amazons have a meeting at the U.N.

- Bruce says goodbye to Alfred, he's retiring.

- Vixen has moved on with her life, John and Shayera are back together and expecting a kid.

- Lois is at another room and Clark takes off his glasses, smiles, un-button one from his shirt, then heads out to her

- Flash helps out in a homeless shelter, Jonn helps him out.

- Captain Marvel is at a children's hospital, so is Superman. They're friends.

- The League is at the U.N. senate, part of its own branch.

- Diana & Hippolotya are at Themyscira, looking at a sun set

- A 50-ish Bruce goes to the cave, he sees the Beyond suit and takes it.

See what I mean?

Since JLU is at its last season, don't you think would've been great and should be/should've been used?
Well, since Beyond is cannon, you can't show him retiring untill his 50s or 60s, since he had grey hair when he retired in Batman Beyond.
What are you talking about? What I said didn't meant his retiring, he was about to put on the Beyond costume to go out.
Diane is banned from Themyscira, remember?
Well that seemes to have been changed.
Who said it was the last season?
I love the last bit with Bruce putting on the BB suit. Great way to connect the end of JLU to beginning of BB and show Bruce will never quite. What would be a great ending is the Near-Apocalpyse of 09 as mentioned in BB. Too bad we probably won't get it with WB's ******ed embargo.
I wouldnt mind them ending it with a 'years in the future' type thing and have it be Kingdom Come.
Its not what we're getting.

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