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If you could have any job in the world

Captain Planet!

The Power Is Yours
Jan 27, 2007
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What would it be? (I'm talking about real jobs, not king of the world or anything like that)

Mine would be proffesional Baseball player, or actor/film maker.
author. maybe comic book writer. maybe screenwriter. :o
film director
I'd want to be a marketing coordinator, or coordinator's paid intern. Someone who works for like, Nickelodean or Cartoon Network. I'd like to work at a young age, so that way I could interact with kids and be able to connect. Or work for like Snick back in the day :D ...In general, something in kids entertainment. Help the future :)
I pretty much already have it, but I need higher pay.
I think I'd like to own a used bookstore. I'd stock it with mostly Mystery, Science Fiction and Fantasy (including comic books). The problem is I think I'd have to be independentatly wealthy because I'm not sure if it would make a profit.
I wonder if professional t1tty-sucker is a viable career *scratches head*
NFL or pro soccer player
comic book artist
lead guitar in a rock band
International Assassin.

The Bass player from Blur Alex James did a Tv special about Cocain in columbia and met an assassain for the cartels, when he got back to england the assassain was dead. Those guys don't live very long.

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