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IGN's 25 Top Franchises of All Time

David Starsky said:
No it shouldn't. And it doesn't make sense that Superman and Terminator are under it.

probably because there have been 4 very good and consistent potter movies where as superman is mostly hit and miss: 2 good films, 2 bad films, 1 film that is mixed among fans. Terminator did not have as big a cultural impact on the world as harry potter did and many think its third entry was mostly a dissapointement, that why harry is ahead, harry potter is basically a whole seperate section of the modern day market- books and movie wise...not to mention the films are pretty sweet also.

also harry and lord of the rings pretty much brought back the fantasy genre. superman 4 pretty much killed the super hero genre until 89's batman...

The Best Ever
Bond and Lucas are doubtlessly the ones to make it to the top 2. However....Which one do you think will be the one to reach 1?

I'd say Bond... I mean, its got MORE films, MORE books and MORE memorabilia than ANY other movie franchise, SW included.

Well? What do you say?
Star War #1, Indiana Jones #2, and then a lot of "Cool, but it ain't no Star Wars." after that.
it's gonna be a hard choice between Bond and SW...
Batman Beyond said:
MORE books
lol, not even close. There are hundreds of Star Wars related books. This is about "franchises", not just the movies.
Also factored in were the franchises' commercial and artistic successes, as well as their impact on pop culture and how many ancillary items they spawned (videogames, comics, fast food tie-ins, etc.).

and MORE memorabilia

Again, not even close. :huh:
Star Wars IS "memorabilia"

They have action figures now of extras from the movies that were only on screen for 2 seconds. They even have figures based on UN-USED conceptual sketches for the movies.

I dare you to go to Toys R Us and find even one little bit of James Bond in the vast ocean of Star Wars related memorablia. :huh:

There are a handful of Bond video games and scores of Star Wars ones.
I really don't know what you were talking about there.

than ANY other movie franchise, SW included.

Well? What do you say?

EDIT: Also, there is a monthly magazine, "Star Wars Insider".
It comes out every month even though there are no more movies coming out.
There isn't a monthly "James Bond Magazine". :huh:

There aren't several James Bond spin-off TV shows that have aired or that are in development.

Just go to a Star Wars convention, count the people...then go to a James Bond convention and count the people. :o
Top 2 have been updated.

James Bond with 22 movies pulls in at #2.

And the obvious Star Wars as #1.
Erzengel said:
Wth? Saw does not deserve to be on that list.

As much I as I love Nightmare and Friday the 13th, I have serious problems with them being there too. Seeing as they have shoddy quality from sequel to sequel.

Harry Potter and the Matrix shouldn't be on there either. It's obvious this list wasn't made with quality in mind. :o
What movies do you feel are missing?

Remember it's 3 movies and above franchise.

I stated earlier the Man With No Name series should have been there.
Well, most of the obvious ones are there (Bond, Star Wars, Star Trek, Godzilla, the Dead films, etc.)

Yeah, Man with No Name series should be there. Only Clint Eastwood films I can watch.

If any of the horror franchises made it on there it should have been Halloween seeing as it's first chapter set the fundamentals of the horror genre. (Yes, I know there's the Black Christmas debate, but still). And yes, I know that flys against my shoddy quality comment about Nightmare and Friday.

I really can't think of a third film series. If I wasn't so conflicted on the third entry of the X-Men trilogy, I'd say it.
well every single greatest comedy film poll has ben topped by 'Life of Brian', so i'd say the monty python franchise should be up there, also holy grail usually breaks into the top ten aswell. So most certainly above the likes of jurassic park and terminator
Monty Python.... Yeah, now that you mention it, it should be up there. Why not, indeed?

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