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Feb 25, 2002
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A lot of stories never get told. A lot of stories happen in between stories we see. What I'm asking is, which of these untold stories would you like to read? You are free to name as many as you want.

Me, the one I'd like to read the most is the Jean/Psylocke power swap during the six month gap (which I got tired of waiting and started writing).

Other great stories I always wanted to read was when the X-Men got captured by the Phalanx, when Storm was in charge of X-Force (Uncanny 322), and when Storm taught Iceman in the use of his powers (X-Men 48).
Also aparrantly according to the writers that since Chambers Weapon X dissapearance he reappeared and has been a member of the staff at Xaviers until M-Day, we just haven't seen anything or had anything explained.
Another Story I'd like to see is the one referred to in Captain Marvel about the X-Men and the Micronauts, fighting Thanos called Small X-Pectations, which never saw publication, but it's taken as cannon according to the handbooks.
i dont see why they dont put out a mini series or a few flashback issues to fill us in on the jean/psylocke thing!
I kinda want an Untold Stories of the X-Men, like the one about Spidey.
sebita said:
I kinda want an Untold Stories of the X-Men, like the one about Spidey.

With over 30 books a month, i find it hard to believe that Spidey could have any Untold Tales.
There was an Untold Tales of Spider-Man and it lasted for quite a while, it told stories of his early years.
LOL, been there my friend, plenty of times.

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