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Superman Returns In the Mood for Superman


Apr 5, 2006
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I don't know about you, but I tend to go through moods, where I'll spend most of my free time in a particular universe (Star Wars, Batman, etc.).

Now that it's June, and Superman Returns is only a few weeks away, are you in the mood for Superman? Are you reading more comics, watching the animated series or Lois and Clark, listening to the scores, rewatching the old films? Or will you casually wait for June 28th like a normal moviegoer?

I'm personally going through the Timm animated series, since I've seen very few of them, and just got the first two volumes on DVD. It's all brand new to me. I'm also thinking of purchasing a few comics -- maybe getting into All-Star Superman, or re-reading the Death and Return story.

Oh yeah, definitely.

I've totally been re-watching animated (STAS, Fleischer, and Ruby Spears) shows, the old movies, and whatever video games I can.
oh yeah i do, im still stuck in the x-men mode, but trying to get more into supsmode:supes:
i usually get into those modes after i see the movie. so for the past two weeks ive been going to marvel and uncannyxmen.net to find out all about phoenix and whats been happening to the team lately.

im sure ill do the same after Superman comes out.

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