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Invisible Children


Apr 21, 2005
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i just finished watching this today. this truly saddened me and inspired me. if you want to learn more go to www.invisiblechildren.com

it's about children in africa living in poverty and abduction by their own soldiers :(
yeah those children are either sold into the slave market, sex trade or raised as soldiers.
they are taken and just trained to kill. they have no choice in the matter :(
It was playing at my school, I meant to see it, work got in the way.:(
I don't have enough tears to shed for all the sick stuff that goes on over there. It does make me appreciate being an American.
I'm too sissy to watch this.

Seriously.. I was too scared to keep my eyes open through Saw 1 and 2. :(
the copy i had had only the directors commentaries playing through. so it made it easier. the only part that really started to get to me was when that one boy just broke into tears.
Yeah this is really sad, I first learned about it through Thrice, I had no idea....:(

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