irresponsible newspaper headline?


Jul 28, 2005
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Is it just me, or does this headline seem to been advertising murder as an exciting new past time?,27574,26104307-421,00.html

Murder 'better than any drug'

AARON Joseph Streets told police that bashing and stabbing his friend to death was better than any drug he had ever taken.
Streets, 24, of George Town in Tasmania's north pleaded guilty to murdering 49-year-old Dean Adrian Gower in his Moonah home on April 7, The Mercury reports.

Streets told police he hated Mr Gower because he believed he had once touched his girlfriend inappropriately.

The Supreme Court in Hobart heard Streets went to Mr Gower's Orchard Avenue home, where Mr Gower, a wheelchair bound pensioner, was lying in bed.

Streets said to Mr Gower: "I'm here to take your soul, your time is up" and proceeded to kick, punch and stomp on his victim.

The court heard Streets continued his brutal attack until he thought Mr Gower was almost dead, then took a kitchen knife and stabbed him eight times to his upper body.
He only stopped when the knife became stuck in Mr Gower's sternum and broke.

Streets then walked to McDonalds to eat some food before dobbing himself in at the Glenorchy police station.

Streets is due to be sentenced on October 12.

sounds like fun huh?
There is a reason for psychologically malfunctioning criminals. They murder pathologically because they enjoy it so this really doesn't surprise me. People do evil things because they love doing it.

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