Is this Batman scaled figure real?


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Nov 23, 2005
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Is this Alex Ross Batman figure real? And where can I get it? It was featured in his art book.
hard to tell by that pic, but it looks like it could possibly be the same as the one in my avatar, the DC Direct "13 Deluxe Colllector's figure of Batman:Justice. Now OOP, but you can still get one at, but it won't be cheap.
EDIT: here's a link to the Amazom listing:
You could probably find it on Ebay, too, but I doubt it will get much cheaper.
I may be completely wrong, but I seem to remember a book with Alex Ross' art and he was discussing a life size Superman statue that was sculpted in the likeness of his art. I saw an image of it which was a bit creepy. Ross was sitting at his desk working on some art and the Superman statue was behind him in the dark and lit in a weird way as if he were watching Alex draw. I am looking for an image of it now but can't find it. He may very well have one of Batman in actual size.
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i remember about ten years ago or so, he had both superman and batman on display at wizard world chicago comic con (life size) i got to see him, and told them they were ****in awesome. they were sculpted by mike hill

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