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Oct 8, 2000
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Yesterday they aired the pilot for a new TV format here in Italy, called Frankestein. The main idea is that for a day you can transform yourself in someone else, through make-up and an acting coach.
A recently separated father asked to become the movie Thing to make his 5-year old son meet the hero of his dreams.
Italian special make-up master Sergio Stivaletti made a Thing suit and mask faithful to the one of the movie (not perfect, it had some sagging) and they sent the guy to acting lessons to learn to move and talk like Chiklis does in the flick. I'll try to post some still from the show later.
That sounds cool....hope to see the pics. The things we fathers will do....
Here's some of the images. If you want someone bigger, just ask.


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Another three screen grabs from the show.


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That is really cool. The stills make the suit look good. When my son was little, my mom made him a Superman outfit that he didn't want to take off....but I never thought about making a suit about anything for me to put on. I hope the kid liked what his dad did for him.
He never knew it was his dad. He believed he really met the "Rocky man" of the Fantastic Four.
Antonello Blueberry said:
He never knew it was his dad. He believed he really met the "Rocky man" of the Fantastic Four.
That's neat. Years from now the kid will be so proud of his dad for doing that. I love stories like this so much better than "dead beat dad screws kid out of kidney".
Yeah and I'm glad the dad did that :)
Hahaha. Weird!
Pretty good job of replicating the movie suit.
If I was the kid I'd've been scared to death, and he looks pretty weirded out in the picture where they're hugging, lol

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