Moonknight TV Show?

Cool. Moon Knight is an underappreciated character that Marvel needs to do more with. I think too many people write him off as a cheap Batman imitation.

To me this is a notion that can be easily dismissable. MK is as much a "Batman ripoff", as Batman could be well described as a "ripoff" of Zorro, The Shadow, The Phantom, The Green Hornet, and The Black Bat(on this one arguably, since both he ans Bats were introduced about the same time, I think).
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You're right, but the mass public probably won't look that deep into it. They'll see a guy dressed in a cape throwing moon shaped daggers or what have you and they'll more than likely assume "Oh it's just batman but dressed in white, how original"
Yep. Mainstream popularity. Like those very "observant" individuals who look at Solomon Kane and say "it looks like Van Helsing 2".:facepalm: Gotta love em'.
That's why comics aren't treated with the respect they deserve
I'm afraid Moon Knight would die on cable TV. Moon Knight should be feature length and I think a director like Zak Snyder would do a good job with it.
Who should he face in a feature length? His brother or Raoul Bushman...both? What do you think of Tiny Lister as Raoul Bushman? abd BTW how old is Marlene Alraune supposed to be?
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Ideally I would like them to adapt "The Bottom" story arc that Huston and Finch did. It had flashbacks to who and how Moon Knight started. He fought Bushman and beat him and then Khonshu took on Bushmans form and the man baddie was The Commitee. That'd be a great way to get Taskmaster on screen
"The Bottom" would be a great start. The hope is that they can get the darker elements down right. I think the tv show should be more about atmosphere than action. Of course I don't think the show will ever happen. This has been rumored for a while now, and there hasn't been much news since 07.

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