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Oct 24, 2004
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Source: Variety
November 28, 2007

Universal Pictures will turn the life of Joe Namath into a feature film, with Jake Gyllenhaal playing the Hall of Fame quarterback.

According to Variety, David Hollander will write the script once the writers strike is over. Mad Chance's Andrew Lazar will produce. Jimmy Walsh, who runs Namanco Productions, executive produces.

Walsh said he and Namath OK'd the movie after a long pursuit by Lazar, a strong take by Hollander and the belief that the athletic Gyllenhaal was the right actor to play him.

While other quarterbacks racked up bigger lifetime stats, Namath became the first football player to achieve rock-star status. The movie will tell the story of how the golden-armed kid from Beaver Falls, Pa., became Broadway Joe, the New York Jets quarterback who became a '60s cultural figure.
Reports: Namath's life to be subject of movie
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Updated: November 28, 2007, 2:41 PM ET
Joe Namath was larger than life. He was a highly-touted high school prospect who starred for Bear Bryant at Alabama, took New York City by storm and led the New York Jets of the upstart AFL to a Super Bowl victory he had brashly guaranteed.

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Jake gyllenhaal is slated to play Joe Namath, seen here during the Jets' Super Bowl III win, in a film about the Hall of Fame quarterback's life.
Sounds like a good idea for a movie.

Good enough that Universal Studios will make a movie about the Hall of Fame quarterback, with Jake Gyllenhaal playing Broadway Joe, according to reports.

The film will recount Namath's journey from Beaver Falls, Pa. to Alabama to New York, where Jets owner Sonny Werblin bet a then unheard-of $400,000 on Namath giving the struggling Jets and the AFL instant credibility. "Broadway Joe" became a sports hero, a celebrity pitchman and a sex symbol in New York as the Jets won Super Bowl III.

"Most of the stuff you saw in 'Forest Gump,' Joe lived through all of it," executive producer Jimmy Walsh said, according to Variety.

Variety reported that David Hollander will write the script once the writers' strike ends, with Andrew Lazar producing and Walsh as executive producer. According to the report, Namath and Walsh signed off on the project partially because they believed Gyllenhaal was the right actor to play Namath.

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This is going to be hilarious.
Dammit. Never heard of him. I clicked the thread hoping "Joe Namath" would be some new cool Sci-Fi Universal movie with Jake. :down
I'm calling BS on this, that pansy is not worthy to even hold Joe's fur coat. I'm both offended and a New Yorker and a Jets fan!
So will the movie end with him drunk and hitting on Suzie Kolber?


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