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Jessica Simpson: Victim or Villian

...She is no Carrie Underwood. :o
She's a villain, but definitely no Carrie Underwood.

You know she's trouble when T.O. calls her out. :o
She shouldn't have shown up. I swear, she had Romo's head with her the entire game.
I am amazed that people actually believe that Jessica Simpson played any role.

If that is the case, Tony Romo isn't half the QB I think he is.
I don't like the Cowboys anyway. Woo! :up:
Wow.....its already been discussed quite extensively in the 2007 NFL thread.....

Basically........who gives a "whatever..." *winks*
If Romo can't play with a celebrity in the stands, how is he going to play on the biggest stage of the year?(if they get there) To me this topic is overrated.
yeah she's supporting a friend doing his job and gets turned into super-villian #1 by TERRELL OWENS?
she's definatelly a victim here :im:

Oh please....this has been going on since she showed up at a couple of games last year that he totally screwed up on as well....then the Carrie Underwood thing....and it just exploded from there.......TO was not the onw that started this whole thing by a LONG SHOT.....it was Dallas' radio Talk Show hosts doing Monday Morning Quarterbacking that started it, and the fans ran with it.......if looked at in context TO's statements could actually turn out to be true......she could very well be a distraction, simply by the talk that transpires and clogs up blogs, message boards and radio talk waves for days on end after this happens........if Romo listens to any of it, which he shouldn't, but if he does....yeah it could be a distraction. I just think a combination of injuries at a key position (center), along with his thumb problems, and an Eagle defense that wanted to win more than either the Cowboy or Eagle offense contributed to the loss. BUT, Dallas fans and radio talk show hosts on Dallas radio, ALWAYS need a major scapegoat, and Jessica was it....AGAIN, not the first time, and won't be the last.

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