Jet Li: Rise To Honor


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May 12, 2002
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Anybody else really dig this game? Simple as hell, easy, AND short but man is it fun. I've been playing it again lately to pass the time tI got a new 360 and I had a Jet Li itch.

I honestly think some kind of sequel should be made. At least keeping the same engine anyway. It'd be awesome if they included other legends like Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Michelle Yeoh, and Chuck Norris. Maybe throw in Van Damme and Segal (YOUNG Segal) for the hell of it. Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung would also rock.
I didn´t liked it.
Not that it´s lousy, but is ..meh.
My brother lend it to me when it came out, i played half of it, and gave up.
Not only was a very simplistic game, i like to know what the hell i´m going, i like to now what move to make and stuff, not just button smashing (in this case, not of analogue stick tapping).
Good in theory, but bad in execution, at least in my opinion.
Yeah, it does feel a little dull after a while. It's why I don't play it for extended periods. I guess in that way the short length is good. I do find it to be brainless fun though. Just an excuse to play Jet Li kicking ass. It's what got me thinking about these other martial arts stars that I would love to play as. Or even movie scenes I'd love to recreat (His "Once Upon a Time In China" and "Fist of Legend" costumes are unlockable).

Plus it was fun shooting too guys at once. Which reminds me, I need to get my hands on "Stranglehold" too.
I liked it. It was fun using the environment to fight and the bosses were kinda neat, but I agree- short and repetitive- but loved fivghting with the joystick- neat!
I haven't played that game in a few years. I had it back on PS2. Did it come out for xbox or something?

It was easy and repetitive, but I enjoyed it immensly! I liked the gun battles, which just paved the way for Stranglehold. Another good game.
Yeah the Blade II game tried to do the same thing but it was nowhere as good. I think it's a good basis at least. With some innovations, this engine can really be something. It can become the Tony Hawk of martial arts action-adventure games. Maybe a different action star for each game. Make it an annual thing. It would look especially spectacular on the next gen and the gun system is pretty cool too. Unlimited bullets (naturally because it's an action movie) and being able to even shoot two people at once, which is pretty badass. Allow the character to use different types of guns and they may have something here.

Come to think of it Jason Statham's "The Transporter" would be perfect for this. Especially with some driving levels, getting "packages" to places on time, following his strict rules and all of that.
I agree on the Transporter game. And I see where you are going with this.

Not to get too off subject. But some parts of True Crime L.A. reminded me alot of Hong Kong style movies. Especially the battle at the end, with the plane, and of course, fighting with the music of Minerva from the Deftones really added to it. IMO.:csad:
Oh there was definitely plenty of hong kong influence on that game and in turn the game influenced Rise To Honor (well that whole jumping through the air bullet time thing anyway).

Speaking of Jet Li and action movies, not to get off subject in my own thread here but man does Crackdown remind me of "The One". In fact that movie's partially why I bought this game. Kicking people and cars several feet and all.

I wonder how much this game (RTH) made though. I'm actually pretty curious if there are any plans to utilize this engine in the future (Blade tried to rip it off but...nnnothankyou).

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