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May 20, 2007
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"Proudly brought to you by the zesty and delicious taste of Doritos Cheese Tortillas"

I only realized there was an art section in SSH about a week ago, so I figured I may as well put my full work on display here, along with some descriptions, even though they've be scattered throughout the various thread. So enjoy!


Wonder Woman - Sept 2006, revised June 2007

"This first ever comic photo manipulation began in early 2006 and was released in September of that year. Looking like a typical Wonder Woman design, it was revisited and completely changed to fit more into what would possibly appear in a film version of the character. Many Greek designs, amour and symbols were used in order to strike a balance between ancient Greek and the Wonder Woman costume. This image depicts Diana in her home of Themyscira."

Software used: Photoshop / Corel Painter
Model: Cobie Smulders

Supergirl Arrives - December 2006, revised April 2007

"Created in mid 2006 and revised in early 2007, this image depicting the last daughter of Krypton accepting her destiny as Supergirl was the result 4 months work on and off. All parts of the outfit we're taken from 5 or so hi res Superman Returns promotional images. Based off the more recent outfit design, however liberty was taken with the skirt colour as the blue became to dominant."

Software used: Photoshop
Model: Kristen Bell


Huntress - March 2007

"Originally intended to be created much later on, this image of Huntress in the alleys of Gotham got promoted after ideas for another manipulation came to a halt. Influenced by the 'Nolanverse', the cape was replaced by a sleeveless leather coat, the colours are similar and style of the outfit are similar to its comic counterpart, but toned down somewhat. The mask was actually surprisingly difficult to get right."

Software used: Photoshop / Corel Painter
Model: Eva Mendez


Harley Quinn - June 2007

"Inspired by that first image of the Joker, this image depicting a far more dangerous looking Harley Quinn in some decaying Gotham warehouse was created in just over a week, making it the quickest design to date. The design was deliberate in creating a different twist on the character in order to make her look more suited for the current Batman series. This image drew much controversy from fans of Harley Quinn"

Software used: Photoshop
Model: Kristen Bell


The Dark Knightess - September 2007

"Prior to its release, teaser images scribbled with Joker like writing appeared on various forums and art sites, a tribute to the viral marketing to The Dark Knight. Based of the more recent Bat suit design, 300+ layers were used to create this image of Batgirl in the streets of Gotham, making it the most complex image to date. This is a successor to the 'Batgirl Begins' artwork done earlier in the year, a piece which is now considered inferior."

Software used: Photoshop / Corel Painter
Model: Anne Hathaway


Hawkgirl - October 2007

"Almost 18 months was spent creating this image, it went through almost 20 redesigns and kept getting pushed back to the point were it almost was thrown out. The animated Justice League Hawkgirl was the main reference, however elements from all various Hawkgirl design were included. The helm was the most difficult part of the design, it alone went through dozens of changes."

Software used: Photoshop
Model: Rose McGowan

Well that's it for now, hope you enjoyed it!

Oh, and there will be an addition to this gallery very, very soon. :cwink:
They are fantastic images, great costume designs (although I'd lighten the red on WW's top). I have to be honest and say I'd prefer them headless really, for some reason they don't really work. Maybe they are too big? The WW face is, for sure. Otherwise amazing stuff :up:
Who else have you done!?

Is it Zatanna? Black Canary? Poison Ivy? Vixen?

Keep up the good work.
I have seen you art at Comics2Film. I love them! I thnik you're so, so, so, so good! What happened to the Batgirl Begins one you made? What else are you making? Zatanna, Catwoman, etc.?
yay, finally a thread for your art!
Great images, dude.

Really fantastic work you have there.:up:

I don't like the exposed ears or hair on Batgirl, though.
I really really dig the Hawkgirl one. Superb job.
Great work. :up:
great job,

glad to see you finally got a thread started over here
Catwoman might not be the only one you see. :cwink:
^ Ancient history, I never look back. :cwink:
I actually like the Batgirl Begins better. well, the suit anyway.
Fantastic work!
I have to say my favorite so far is Super Veronica Mars!
more than one? oh man,cant wait!
Mamma mia!!! :eek: Although, personally, I don't like HQ's costume design
That's my favorite! The background fits well with the character, a lot of details ,good color, good composition! Well done!


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