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Poser 6 Question

chris moore

Dec 5, 2000
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I've never used Poser but am considering getting it for fun stuff. I just want to check oe thing so I dont waste my time. Thought I'd ask here cos some people seem to use poser to make manips.

What I wanna know is - if I take a base model, pose it the way I like; can I then draw on the uniform design myself to whatever design I want or am I limited by the patterns that come with it, or do I have to design the various bits of the costume by doing something like CAD? I'm not talking clothing here really - more like drawing a Spidey outfit on a model base.

Essentially; how hard are we talking here to add costumes to characters?

This is really to generate a 3d base image with a design on so it can be rotated to see how it looks all the way round and how light looks from different angles

Also, I've seen Poser artist available. Is this more suitable for what I'd like to do?
I've tried and I can't figure it out.

Good luck man.

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