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Johnny Depp To Take On The Role Of Pee-Wee Herman?


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Oct 20, 2004
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Johnny Depp is considering an offer to star in two forthcoming Pee-Wee Herman movies, playing the legendary kids’ character in Pee-Wee’s Playhouse: The Movie
Paul Reubens, who played Pee-Wee in TV shows and films until 1990, has completed two scripts he hopes to bring to the big screen in 2009. Until now, Reubens planned to reprise the role himself, but admits he has spoken to Johnny Depp about taking on the part instead. Reubens says, “(He said) Let me think about it.”​
Besides appearing together in 2001’s Blow, the two actors are also linked through director Tim Burton - one of regular Depp-collaborator Burton’s first films was 1985’s Pee-Wee Herman’s Big Adventure and most recently Depp stars in Burton’s newest film Sweeney Todd. (Check out the trailer HERE) I wonder if Burton will direct this one too.​
I don’t think the movie needs to happen, but I think Depp can pull it off. Look what he did for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He’s good at playing those eerily creepy kids characters. I can’t really picture him doing that famous Pee-Wee laugh though, that may take some practice.


Hmm, I can see Depp as Pee-Wee. His Wonka was kinda peeweelike. But I'm not sure do I wan't to see Depp as Pee-Wee.
So why in the hell are they wanting to bring Pee-Wee Herman back anyways??
Johnny Depp: Let me think about it.

Translation: No, thanks.
I think I'd rather see a Paul Reubens biopic :o

i can see Depp IN a pee wee movie, but NOT pee wee... maybe some other character, like pee wee's new enemy across the street or somthing, hehe.

paul reubens i thought was going to play him again, wasn't he?
This won't happen. Another Pee Wee film has been in production for years, every few months or so Reubens brings it back up.
i thought Reubens was just working on one script, i didn't know there was also a second one he was working on. :wow:

Btw Pee wees big adventure is one of my favorite comedy's, so I'd love to see another one.
there is only one pee wee and thats paul reubens!

absolutely no one else can play him!

maybe Eminem, in one of his music vids he goes round dressed as pee wee,

Johnny Depp is great at playing weird characters, but he's good at playing the "bad boy who gets the chicks w/out much effort" types.....not the "loony 40 year old virgin" types.

no way this will happen and if it does, it shouldn't. not every character needs to be James Bondified.
i can see paul ruebens as pee wee but i would have no interest in a johnn depp version of pee wee , the whole thing would be step back for depp and it wouldnt make much sense on ruebens part either.
p.s. the whole idea is just stupid . either play pee wee again paul or just let it go.
Please Mr. Thau please create in CGI Pee-Wee *********es in movie theater scene.
This would just be too freaky for words...but I think it could work...
They need Laurence Fishburne back too. :)
No one else needs to play the role but him if he wants the flick made. He still looks like Pee-Wee.

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