Nov 13, 2002
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So Eidos finally puts up Thief 3 for less than $19.95, but when I go to purchase it, it's still 19.95!!!! How can life keep doing this to me?!?!?!
I have a stress-ball that I squeeze.

On Steam? It's $17.95 for me. Psychonauts is $9.95. I'm going to go ahead and treat myself to whichever one I decide on in the next few minutes.
On Steam? It's $17.95 for me. Psychonauts is $9.95. I'm going to go ahead and treat myself to whichever one I decide on in the next few minutes.

Click on "purchase" and see how $17.95 it is THEN. PUNK!
**** you WHF. I was this close to gift purchasing you a copy of Thief III, but you can kiss my ass now man.
This thing is a sham. You click on every "sale" and then it's for the typical price. WTF is that?
Okay. Now it's officially $17.95. You've finally gotten your sale out of me Eidos. It took you over a year, but you've finally won me over! :mad:
That = Steam ripping you off. They're trying to give the illusion that everything is a lowered price to encourage buying, but instead charge normal price for it. Those bastards.

Well, seems that didn't last too long. :(
13% of the way to enjoying Thief 3...

Hmmm... I need to get up early tomorrow though so I can open Mass Effect, Eternal Sonata and whatever else I got.
How can you be so sure that Mass Effect is under the tree, though? :dry:
Haven't I told you my plan to flood the earth? I get my way. :cool:

Actually, I have no clue. I asked for it, but it's possible someone saw a licensed game and figured I'd like that better.

If I unwrap Goldeneye: Rogue Agent tomorrow... oh man... start building a large boat for yourself.
I'm already on it. The pre-emptive boat building has commenced.
83% of the way to seeing Garret in 1280x1024 for the first time! :D
I already have seen him in ultra-high resolution. He looks like an angel. :heart:
I still have the Xbox version but it's at my Dad's and I'd need my 360 to see it in high-def. :(
I know... it truly is. Back before it launched there was this "stealth revolution" brought on by SplinterCell and EVERY game started doing stealth. Thief 3 was kind of at the end of the stealth era and some heavy shooters were coming out in the months after it. Nowadays if you find a stealth game it's Assassin's Creed stealth or Hitman stealth... even SplinterCell is abandoning the shadows.

For this reason I'm anticipating Thief 3 all over again almost as if it's a new game.

Huh, just finished downloading. I guess I have to give it a whirl.
I just think the game's pace is too "slow" and contemplative than the ADD-addled minds of today's gamers can tolerate.
Well, that's one thing about Thief. Deus Ex can be played like Quake, but Thief is certain death if you think you're hot ****.

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