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Aug 22, 2007
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To all death note fans, most of you might have heard of this film...I don't know where else would I place the film review..so...

Well...I've seen it, the benefit of living in asia means you can easily watch any Japanese film in a theater earlier than US or any european countries..

Anyway, bear with me for a while...

The film is pretty decent despite having almost no direct connection to the manga or anime.

It is a spin-off from the previous death note film, where L decides to write down his name in the death note to live for another 23 days, hence ensuring he will not get killed by Light. This is about L's last 23 days.

This film, has very little supernatural stuff other than the flashback to the events in death note.

This is regarding some eco-terrorist trying to spread a virus to wipe out the 'useless' population in the world, hence ensuring the world will not get polluted.

And the leader of the terrorist group? K, another 'supergenius' that is trained together with L's batch. So it is basically a face off between L and K.

We get to see plenty of stuff about how Watari's group function and etc. The film is pretty funny at times, such as L trying to stand up straight, and how he runs and etc. And it is funny to see how L try and babysit the children that is important to finding the cure.

And you get to see Near in this film as well.

Overall, I gave this film 7/10.

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