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May 3, 2005
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There's this old HP laptop I got about 5 years ago (well, it was new when I bought it). I have a router hooked up to my desktop and DSL in my bedroom, and I keep the laptop in the kitchen in case anyone needs to use it. Today, my brother was using it, when the connection suddenly just dropped. It has a history of sometimes losing its connection from the kitchen (my router gets a little weak once you get that far), so I just picked the laptop up and moved it until it said it was getting a stronger connection.

I ended up taking the laptop to my bedroom, right next to my router. It said it had a strong connection, but it still wasn't loading any webpages. It's like my laptop just gave up and doesn't want to connect anymore.

What's up with that? Could it be the wireless card?

It could be, but lemme ask you to do something. I'm assuming your on XP, the command is still same regardless, but it does help with the "Issues" a little bit more if we know what your on.

Go to Run and type in: CMD

1) Type in ipconfig /release
2) Type in ipconfig /renew

Basically, your releasing your "IP Address" with your router, and refreshing a new "IP." If that dosen't work, please put in, or a screen shot, either works. This will help me determine what could be the issues.

3) Type in ipconfig /all

Lots of possibilities. First, what OS are you running? What kind of router?

When the connection was lost did it actually reconnect on it's own? Or did you manually try and reconnect to the network? Assuming this is Windows, you should have an icon near the clock for your wireless network. What does it say about the network (i.e. internet access, local access only, no network, etc.)?

Just about every wireless router I've used or worked on will occasionally have issues where you simply need to shut it off for 30 seconds and turn it back on (unplug if necessary, don't simply reset it) before wireless access will get restored.

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