LOL "I'm Batman" - Part 10

'A Father Twice as Smart'

He has the power to sneak in houses he was spying on through windows a roof away, he just pops in magically, like Scorpion.

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“What was I supposed to do, let them die?”

“Kill them. Kill them all, my son. In all your horrid glory.”

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I gotta respect a quality pun. :o

Ah yes that’s totally a reasonable non-contrived explanation for a major plot hole. :o


Always a good time to bring back the classics.

I take back every mean thing I've said about the Hawkeye post credit scene.

Two quality additions (under tags for loading purposes):

Variety interviewed the cast & crew of Spider-Man to celebrate and reminisce for it's 20th anniversary.

Avi Arad had to say exactly what you'd expect:hehe:
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If y'all haven't yet, check out Kevin Conroy's entry into the DC Pride oneshot for this year. It's...

pretty ****ing powerful stuff

Kevin Conroy's always gonna be my Batman.

This Peacemaker scene shouldn’t have aged eerily as well as it ultimately did:


And then there's Dakota Johnson:

"I can tell you pretty much nothing that isn't already on the internet. I'm so excited. It's pretty cool to be in the Marvel world, especially with a character that's not so known. There's a lot of space to make her very cool. I'm very excited. It's always been a dream of mine to do some kind of massive action movie. I always wanted to be like a female Indiana Jones. I really have always... I saw the new Top Gun, and it's so good! It's so good. There's something about those movies, that's just like, 'Wow, a real human being can do that?'"

Wonder if Madame Web will gross over $40 million in its fourth weekend the way Maverick just did?

All sass aside, I'm kinda hoping this movie doesn't become another Sony dumpster fire. Unlike Leto, both Dakota and Sydney come across as being really sweet.

Watching their movie become another internet meme-fest joke wouldn't be as satisfying as watching Leto getting dragged over the coals for Morbius...


This has big "I love limes" energy.


I'm all on the Reeves train, but it would be nice to have a more laid back and uber fantastical Batman after imo.

lowkey hilarious




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