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London Premiere

Pablo Parker

Aug 18, 2002
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this is just a silly question... since i´m going to be in london in may... i´d like to know if there´s going to be a premiere or something, ´cos that´s something i wouldn´t like to miss...
There's a thread on this already (about the Odeon in Leicester square)

Yes there's gonna be a premiere, sum1 here is even claiming he has tickets to it and that ALL the cast are gonna be there...go check out the other thread ;)
Stupid Pirateking, going to the premiere :(
im so tempted to go to the premiere....
I don't think he is bsing,cause my brothers boyfriend juggsy got primere tickets for king kong and met the cast.If you know someone it isn't that differcult to get tickets to the big premieres.
_BB_ said:
im so tempted to go to the premiere....
I'll pop myself down to Birmingham and we'll get ourselves down there together. :p
I wish I could go my brother lives about two miles away from leicester sq,but I wouldn't be able to get the time off work.
I'm thinking of going to the premiere but am apprehensive as i have noone to go with - what time do they usually start?
One of my older friends (we call him "sir" cos when we went to a theme schhol disco some months ago, he didn't dress up and so we dubbed him the teacher - "sir" lol), he always puts himself out for us, and is quite willing to go up to the premier.

I'm not sure how I'd wing the time off work, and I'd probably find it really annoying being there and not being able to see the film...

But y'know if people wanna go and dont have people to go with we COULD try to all hook up when we find out the details
yes I have been to a few premiers like spiderman 2 it my hobby. i take pictures really and video. So i will be there.
mannnnn, you lucky dog if you get to see the movie in london! ::jealous::

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