Looking for 3D modeler for Batman Beyond internet series (no animation required)


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Oct 17, 2003
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I'm filming a batman beyond internet series and my current 3D modeler seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet, SO, I was wondering if anybody was interested in making a few models for us. They just have to be images, nothing has to be animated (as long as they're in front of a green or blue background, preferrably green). You will be credited in the series most definately. You can view the teaser here:


Here are some images that he left me if you wanna get an idea of how to design (or even what to design), of course its the batmobile:




I'm also open to any new designs as well. I'll just be chroma-keying the images you give me into the footage so basically all you have to do is design it and give me different angels. If you wanna make more than just the batmobile that would be helpful as well, but mostly I just wanna get the vehicles out of the way. The work would be greatly appreciated and as I said before we will credit you in the series. I'd learn to do this myself, but with college classes and graveyard work shifts along with the filming, I just dont have the time.


Anyone? Anyone? :( I found the old images but I am looking for anything new if your willing to contribute. Like I said I'd learn to do this myself, but its 5am and I'm at work, then I have an 8am class as soon as I leave here. THEN I continue filming in the afternoon, which is an example of why I cant learn to use a 3D modeling program. You can design/model:

-City buildings (futuristic)
-if you wish, quick animated gifs that I can edit right into the footage

I'm open to ideas! :D Here is the costume that I will be wearing in the flick:

This photo was manipped by logan_wolverine (I apologize if I got your name wrong but Im sure you'll correct me man):



Just so you know that I'm actually filming this and not just another "dead project".
wow. the suit looks badass. almosst beats the the Batman Beyond: Year One costume.

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