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Jan 10, 2004
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The Rhino. Scorpion. Shocker. Vulture. Mysterio. Kraven. Chameleon.

How do you make those villains work in the world that Webb has created?

Its way to easy to just say gene-splicing for most of them and throw out the game history.

How would you make most of them work? Which ones would you feel ok about altering past history, which ones you think should stay true?
Shocker should be in the opening of a movie robbing a bank and getting taken down easy. He should keep his silly yellow quilt costume too.

Mysterio shouldn't really be evil. He should retain the fired special effect artist thing, but I think an interesting twist is him envying Spidey because he's so "famous".
He starts releasing and creating criminals for him to defeat, so he can be a big hero and outdo Spidey. The criminals he creates can also be classic villains, like Hammerhead or Vulture. He could also use Chameleon to impersonate Spider-man and commit crimes, thus making Mysterio look more heroic when he and Spidey fights.
Shocker should be in the opening of a movie robbing a bank and getting taken down easy. He should keep his silly yellow quilt costume too.

I agree with this part, and I'd like to see them do something really different in the sequel and... Not have a primary villain. At least not super-villain. I'd like to see them start having Norman Osborn become desperate for a cure, so he begins to expand his market. Namely, to the mob, led by Tombstone. Bring in that storyline from Spectacular Spider-Man. Tombstone realises that while Spidey is occupied with fighting the big guns, then his petty criminals, who get him the most money, can go relatively unnoticed, so Osborn starts double-dealing under the table with him. This also provides him a further benefit as it means he can also sneakily further carry out Connors cross-species experiments without too much red-tape, which can bring aspects from the video game into it. So then we start getting villains like Shocker, Rhino, etc. who wouldn't really be able to carry an entire film on their own. This could then set it up further as when Spider-Man brings down the mob or something at the end of the film then Osborn is left with one other option: A prototype regenerative/strength enhancer which he didn't get it a chance to test. Also gives him a personal vendetta against Spider-Man.

Just my two cents anyway, I'd love to see them do this as it's something different!
If the producers want to keep the franchise "fresh", then it would be a mistake to try and repeat villains this early in the cycle--

Spider-Man has dozens of villains, and at least a dozen "top tier" crooks, and even the C-listers could be re-visioned to be formidable with a clever writer..

Possible future scenarios:
Kraven- reclusive, infamous game hunter promises wealthy Mob bosses that he will catch and kill Spider-Man as his last, greatest hunt..
Shocker- a technician steals some Osborn tech and modifies it, goes on crime spree with the Vibro-shock-gloves..
Rhino- Osborn (secretly) backs a gene-splice of Alexei, operative in a Russian separatist terror group, (he grows a huge horn, is super-strong/resistant), but he goes rogue..
Scorpion- Osborn backs the experiment that grafts scorpion DNA to mac gargan, plus a cybernetic tail (nowadays, I don't see Jonah involved in this and NOT go to jail, seriously..)
Mysterio- popular illusionist, but greedy ambition prompts him to rob banks of their cash deposits with elaborate gadgets
Electro-- Low-level Oscorp worker Max Dillon gets caught in some alternative-energy device that malfunctions.. of course, he survives, and decides to get rich or die trying by knocking over the Mob, banks, etc.

...All of the plots can involve Marvel Mob characters-- Hammerhead, Silvermane, the Rose, and if Marvel can clear the Kingpin from Fox control, him, too..
If the producers want to keep the franchise "fresh", then it would be a mistake to try and repeat villains this early in the cycle--

Spider-Man has dozens of villains, and at least a dozen "top tier" crooks, and even the C-listers could be re-visioned to be formidable with a clever writer..

Yeah I agree. I know almost everybody here want to see Green Goblin like I do but there are a lot of villains to choose from that haven't been in a Spider-Man movie and there are also lot of stories/happenings from the comics to adapt besides Green Goblin killing Gwen Stacy.
Electro: Max Dillon a man with an inferiority complex towards people he percieves as the movers and shakers of society. He is hired by OsCorp to help build a machine meant to refine the Cure for Cancer that the Parkers and Brocks were researching. Dillon loathes his dependence on OsCorp to succeed in life. He'd rather be a self-made man.

Late one night after leaving the developmental bunker, Dillon discovers a thug named Herman Schultz making a delivery to OsCorp, courtesy of the mobster known as the Black Tarantula. The goods turn out to be third world men, women, and children being herded into an underground complex at OsCorp.

As he flees, Dillon is ambushed by some hoods working for Tombstone. Their boss, Tombstone, was paid by an intermediary from one of OsCorp's rivals to sabotage the machine Dillon has been working on. In his mind, Dillon sees a chance to destroy OsCorp and the Tombstone's mob. He confirms Osborn's intent with the machine and is taken by Tombstone's men to keep him quiet.

The next day, Dillon is used to get some of Tombstone's people into OsCorp. The machine is sabotaged and Electro is born from the disaster. With his powers, he goes to war against the Black Tarantula's mob down at the docks and makes himself an enemy of the NYPD and Spider-Man by attacking them.

Dillon noted the similarities between Spider-Man and the Black Tarantula and believed them to be connected. Therefore, by his reasoning, the NYPD were under the Black Tarantula's control through their alliance with Spider-Man.

Mysterio: Quentin Beck was arrested previously for circulating legitimate snuff films. He was bailed out by Black Tarantula's people and made an operative in the third world nations where people were being abducted for OsCorp's experiments. He went about killing the leaders/heads of various regional villages in his snuff films and leaked them to the villages with the intent of running an intimidation game.

After Black Tarantula was brought down, many of his men fled to either Tombstone or Silvermane's gangs. The Goblin offers Beck the gear from Octavius Industries' Mindtwister Project. With this new gear, Mysterio sets out to take over Silvermane's gang.

Shocker: Herman Schultz was a member of Black Tarantula's gang. A higher up who oversaw deliveries of the human stock to OsCorp. After Black Tarantula was busted, Schults joined with Tombstone's gang. The Goblin gave him technology from one of OsCorp's rivals, allowing him to become the Shocker.

As the Shocker, Shultz set out to bring Tombstone's gang under his control. This brings his gang into conflict with Mysterio's.

Black Tarantula: An international crime boss who was one of OsCorp's earliest cross-species experiments. He is in charge of bringing in human test subjects for OsCorp. His territory is the docks and harbours in New York. He is killed by Electro.

Tombstone: A mobster with a case of albinism who is targeted by the Goblin for elimination. His territory is threatened by Black Tarantula's slave trade, forcing him to take action against the cross-species mobster.

Adrian Toomes: A businessman who is a rival to OsCorp and Octavius' Industries.

Silvermane: A mobster whose territory is being encroached upon by Tombstone.

Otto Octavius: A businessman, scientist and inventor who believes himself to be superior to Osborn for his tech savvy skills. He orchestrates the destruction of the Cure for Cancer and orders Tombstone's men to retrieve a sample of OsCorp's Cure. Octavius savours the challenge of playing the mob against OsCorp.

In return for Tombstone's services, Octavius has promised the mobster arms and armour in Tombstone's war against Black Tarantula.
Hammerhead, Shocker and the Lizard should be minor villains in the next movies.
Adrian Toomes could steal the flight suit from Oscorp. His partner in crime could be Walter Hardy. They both break in to steal some other tech but when Spiderman shows up Adrian jumps in the flight suit and leaves his partner behind to be webbed down by Spiderman. While making his escape Adrian flies past Max Dillon who is inside of the building working late. Spiderman is in pursuit and swings past Max too. But Toomes spins around and smacks Spiderman with his wings sending him flying into Max who is knocked into a vat of chemicals. Spiderman shoots his webbing into the vat but there is no hope he is gone.

Felicia Hardy visits her father in prison and he blames Adrian for leaving him behind. Adrian has decided to use the tech he stole to commit more crimes so Felicia uses her fathers tech to become the Black Cat and grab everything that Vulture tries to steal.

Max Dillon is revealed to be very much alive and the chemicals have turned him into living energy. He is angry that he has to live life as a freak and decides to take it out on New York.

Spider-Man and Black Cat eventually team up to take the both of them down.
I kinda like the idea from TSSM that Toomes accuses Osborn of stealing his Flight Tech having been fired from Oscorp, after he introduced his ideas with the Company hence Toomes getting revenge against Osborn as the Vulture. I'd like to see Electro too. Thought Max Dillon getting electrocuted going after Connors while failing to find a cure for his condition but possibly against Osborn instead. Spidey could defend Osborn against the two of them or something.

Wouldn't mind seeing Felicia in a sequel as well. Would be cool to see some flirtacious exchanges between her and Spidey in her Black Cat garb. Perhaps Peter could meet Felicia at College just like Harry.
Using the gene-splicing tech/formulae that was developed at OsCorp, there can be some more villains explored--

Morbius-- I'd lean toward a less sympathetic Dr. Michael Morbius, he can develop a formula that involves bat-derived proteins.. turning him into the neo-vampire.. Perhaps Bat-wing can be a secondary villain subplot, a homeless boy Morbius experiments on first..

Man-Wolf-- wolf-derived proteins can be the basis for the formula that is injected into astronaut John Jameson, to give him an enhanced physical edge to re-enter the space program after a disabling accident.. (yes, I am ignoring the space-gem angle, too mystic for this science-heavy universe for now)

Vermin-- Edward Whelan is perhaps a victim of self-experimentation, or maybe he's a whistleblower at OsCorp who exposes some unethical procedures.. when he's outed, he gets attacked an injected with a rodent-based formula, for "being a rat.."

Grizzly-- maybe instead of the now-dated "man-bear" cyber-outfit, Max Markham is an ex-wrestler turned Maggia henchman who gets a bear-DNA formula shot..

Kangaroo-- eh, forget it.

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