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Making music (electronic)


Oct 28, 2011
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So, I’m really interested in getting into making dance and techno music…not for clubbing, just albums. I have a great program similar to Protools, but the one thing I’m stumped on is how you come up with the sounds and the beats. When I go onto sites that let you download instrument sound effects they all seem to be “Free” except they can’t be used for commercial use. So, how does one make or obtain drum sounds and other effects?

Any tips in general would be awesome too.
Plug ins for the program that your using if you dont want to buy any additional hardware is the best way to go. Depending on the type of edm you want to create there are a ton out there. Your probably gonna have to throw down some cash. All of Native Instruments are really popular. Might wanna give them a check. Id also pick up a midi keyboard and possibly a drum pad if you dont already have one, nothing pricey.

Most programs do come with alot of plug ins and drum samples, I guess it depends on what program your using but you should have enough to start making beats with some synths.
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I would search for "free vsts" for effects. The I would just start hunting down samples. I don't know what program your using, but free samples abound on the internet. Find out how to load them into whatever sampler the program you're using has to offer. Learn how to map those samples to a "keyboard". Start studying up on what "ADSR" and "cutoff" are. The start learning what kind of automation the program your using offers. Surely it has the standard "pan" and "volume" options. Does it also allow you to automate controls on effects and samplers? Look into dropping some dough on a nice plug in too. Technology is so ridiculously good these days that if you drop a hundred bucks, you can get so, so many sounds as part of the package. Look into Native Instruments. Download Kontact Free. It's a limited library, but that limited library still has plenty of crazy sounds. Most importantly, you need to just sit in front of your computer and **** around with anything you can think of. You can make real music with only a handful of options at your disposal. Get in there and make every mistake you can. Mistakes are good for you.

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