Mamma Mia the movie.

The girl from "Big Love" and "Mean Girls" is pretty cute, but not enough to get me to see this.
Go see a late showing of Mamma Mia with your girl and if it's somewhat empty, I suggest using that to your advantage. So long as the floor is clean.
Go see a late showing of Mamma Mia with your girl and if it's somewhat empty, I suggest using that to your advantage. So long as the floor is clean.
who needs the floor? just lift the arm rest. bam! problem solved. and for that reason i give this movie a ten. in advanced. :up:
if ABBA doesnt get the blood boiling then youre dead from the waist down. :cmad:
I thought this was cute. Brosnan looked like he was taking a dump every time he was singing, it was painful to watch.
People who need something like this to have sex with their, that's sad :dry:
This looks like a terrible movie :(
One of the worst musicals I've seen in a very long time. The dancing was badly choreographed, the acting was over the top even beyond the point that is acceptable for musicals, there were far to many non-characters, and a lot of the jokes were very, very unfunny. The music was the only really good part.
The stage show is far more better, as you get people who can actually sing, I've seen it in the west end twice, theres a lot more laughs and jokes in it, a lot more better singing as well.

If you get the chance to see it on stage I would go, its fun.
I really would be interested in seeing what type of person goes to a midnight showing of those two films.

I went to a midnight showing of Hairspray. :p

Saw this last week. Just as bad as the show. If not, worse.

After great musicals like hairspray and Sweeney last year, I was hoping this would continue the trend, but alas.
Mamma Mia! The Titanic Of Musicals
23 September 2008 10:30 AM, PDT

Overseas, Universal's Mamma Mia! remained a sensation, taking in $14.5 million. Despite the fact that it is now in its eleventh week in the U.K., it remained in second place with a gross of $118.8 million. The musical continued to show strength in Asia as much as it did in Europe. It debuted in Singapore with that country's biggest opening gross ever. It remained at No 1 in Korea for the third consecutive weekend. Together with its domestic gross of $141.2 million, its worldwide total now stands at $476.1 million.
I really wanted to see the sing-a-long version, but no one wanted to go with me. :(
Bunch of party poopers :mad:
The movie was pretty decent in a lot of places. It had its own vibe but damn, Pierce Brosnan almost totally ruined it.

The guy sings like a dying hospital patient. I literally cringed during his songs.

I give it a 6.5/10

Mamma Mia! Crosses $400-million Threshold Overseas
20 October 2008 10:36 AM, PDT

The Universal musical Mamma Mia! crossed another box-office milestone over the weekend as it reached $400.1 million in total overseas ticket sales, making it the studio's second-highest-grossing film in history, behind Jurassic Park. In the U.K. it has now earned $112.6 million, making it the third biggest release in that country's history, behind Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ($113.2 million) and Titanic ($118.2 million).

Mamma Mia Is Fastest-Selling DVD Ever

If the Cloverfield monster were a film, it would be Mamma Mia!, which this summer came on like an unstoppable beast ripping up UK box office records and swatting aside all challengers, from The Dark Knight to Indiana Jones, with a haughty indifference.

And now the film that came within a whisker of beating Titanic to become the biggest film in British box office history has transferred its big-screen success to the shiny disc by becoming, with a mighty swipe of its paw and a ghastly roar that might just have been Pierce Brosnan clearing his throat, the fastest-selling DVD of all time in the UK.

Official figures released by the Official UK Charts Company show that the ABBA-based musical, which has already grossed £68 million at the UK box office, has sold 1,669,084 copies since its release on Monday.

To put that into perspective, it beat the previous record-holder – again, James Cameron’s Titanic – by over 500,000 units, with the film’s fervent and largely female fanbase rushing out in droves to pick up the new DVD. Over 300,000 Mamma Mia! DVDs were sold in Asda alone.
I am someone who likes musicals. But this movie....I'm glad I didn't pay to watch it. And I don't blame it on Brosnan or Firth not being able to sing. I blame it on bad direction and a very bland story that tried to be a screwball comedy with ABBA music, but it was just screwy.

Oh well.
You people in the UK should be ashamed.
You people in the UK should be ashamed.

It's not just UK. In Sweden it has been almost as big as Titanic in ticket sales, and if you look at the money Mamma Mia have done on the international market it's not that far behind Indiana Jones and The Dark Knight.
I could only stand ten minutes of this film.

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