Iron Man March 2008 Reshoots (Casting Call)

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Nov 17, 2005
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Iron Man joins the Airforce, or the Airforce joins Iron Man?
Date : December 5, 2007</B> Writer : [FONT=arial, verdana]Clint Morris[/FONT]

I got word today that there’s still a bit of work to do on “Iron Man” (I don't know whether these are re-shoots). They’ve actually put out a casting call with plans to shoot a new sequence/sequences in March of 2008.
Here are the specs :
Mid-late 20s. Any ethnicity. Must have extensive experience with technical/military roles. SCALE.
[ KID ]
BOYS. Seeking Middle-Eastern kids aged 7-9, able to speak a foreign language. Please note if they have a work permit.

The shoot takes place in Los Angeles.
Jeff Bridges did say he knew they would be doing some re-shoot's which is common for films, nice find.
there are no re-shots 2 months before the premiere.

this is extreme strange.
It sounds like a new scene or a reshoot but just one scene. 1 month is enough time to do that. Hell 2 weeks they could film it and have one scene done if not sooner. No biggie.
what about post production after that scene? what about the music?

makes no sense why they would do this in march. so from december until march there is no way to film this scene?
Production after the scene and music isn't hard at all. By that time they'll no exactly what goes where, etc...It's not like they're filming 30 minutes of film. If it's more than a 5 minutes of a scene I'd be shocked. All the CGI (if needed) could be put in rather quickly. Hell it might only be practical effects needed. They shoot it, and it goes to post production right away who've already been working on the film for months.
Nothing to worry about, I remember Tim Burton still working on Planet of the Apes days before it hit theatres. Like AD said, it's probably no more than 5 mins, maybe less, of shooting.
Could be something as simple as a tv spot.

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