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Marvel Western Trilogy


Feb 3, 2004
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I would love to see a trilogy from Marvel concerning their Western characters and called "Kid". The reason being this:
“Timely/Atlas/Marvel favored Western characters with the word "Kid" in their name, including the Apache Kid, Kid Colt, the Outlaw Kid, the Rawhide Kid, the Ringo Kid, the Two-Gun Kid, and the Western Kid—as well as the more obscure heroes the Prairie Kid, the Arizona Kid, and the Texas Kid.”

I loved reading the reprints during the 70s. I think there is a long rich set of stories that could be tapped. I envision what Marvel did later (late 80s early 90s) reintroducing the characters in one story. MCU just seems to bring a certain quality of excellence and to mean nothing beats an exciting Western. Now that they've gone cosmic I would like to see this and there "horror" division get a little love. What are your thoughts? Hope this was an address lately.
So disappointed that there is no interest in this.
Marvel has so many great Western characters, but there is a matter of how you'd present them? Would they be in modern day or would it be set in the past?

Also, I don't know if going the movie route is the best choice. I think these characters might work better on television (Netflix could work as well) because you have more time to explore the characters. Plus the movies tend to go for more of blockbuster approach, particularily with the action, so the Western characters might be lacking in that department.

There's also the question of how this would be approached. Your idea of a Western team-up seems like it could be a lot of fun with all of those various characters coming together. I think there is some potential for a solo approach, with a show focusing on one character but these other characters appearing in the background/supporting roles. Kid Colt and the Rawhide Kid seem like perfect characters if you want to go the traditional Western route, but to differentiate from all the other Westerns, there are some others you could go with:

1. Ringo Kid

I think he has the potential to be a great character. He's half white and half-Native American and an outcast because of his mixed heritage and being falsely accused of a crime. I think that could make for some great character drama.

2. Masked Raider

He's one of Marvel's oldest characters (appearing in the first Marvel issue that contained Jim Hammond/Human Torch, as well as Marvel's first Western hero) and him putting a complete mask would make for some great Western vigilante stories.

3. Arizona Annie

It would be fun to see a female gunslinger get the spotlight and she has a fun personality that would make for a great show. She's supposed to be one of the fastest draws in the West, so seeing her kick ass would be awesome.
I'd much prefer they focus on one at a time for a single movie and not worry about a trilogy or in including too many characters (I also think the "kid" emphasis would come off as cheesy - and let's face it, westerns have enough trouble without coming off as cheesy).

I'd like a western, though. They can try to find a way to subtly connect it to the MCU, but otherwise make it a more traditional version.

It's probably not going to happen given ABC and ratings, but Agents of SHIELD would actually be in a very good position to explore some of these characters either with parallel stories or timetravel.
I am in for more western movies, or series.
They could've had the Rangers: Firebird, Shooting Star, Texas Twister, Red Wolf and the Phantom Rider, who would be a predecessor of Ghost Rider, since he was called that in 1960s.
It's not a bad idea but the question becomes how do you tie it into the larger MCU?

If they can find a way with the mythology then I'm all for it. Just don't want to end up with another Cowboys vs Aliens.
I'd say Ghost Rider is the the link between modern day and Western times since the Phantom Riders (or Night Riders) of old are various members of the Slade clan, and Johnny Blaze met Carter Slade on his trip back to the Old West (and Blaze met Slade in the Nicholas Cage Ghost Rider film).

Also Mockingbird was raped by Hamilton Slade.

And JT Slade is Hellfire in Agents of SHIELD.

Plus we're now getting another Ghost Rider character in AOS.
I hope they do old man Logan as a western.

But I don't think they're going in that direction
I'm not as well versed in Marvel Western's but I'd be game. It could be the past...a way to expand upon the universe/history/folklore...it could be a, before there were heroes there were...
what if they use time travel?

use the Time Variance Authority (or TVA) and have them go back to the old west and get the help of Two-Gun Kid, the Rawhide Kid, Kid Colt and the Phantom Rider to stop Tempus from getting Terrigen Crystals. use it as a way to show off Immortus as a shadowy bad guy. have the movie end with the Two-Gun Kid as an elderly patient of Dr. Thomas Halloway. Have the movie being told from his pov and after he passes away, Halloway learns he bequeathed him his mask and guns, inspiring him to become the superhero the Angel.
^Time Travel hasn't really been established yet in the MCU. I have to be honest that would probably come from the "space" or "magic" aspects of the MCU.

Raven I think got it right. Ghostrider and Carter Slade may be the best way to go. Tell a shortened version of Carter's story in a Ghostrider movie via a flashback and use Carter's movie to setup the old west. The next question is how excited about it can you get when you know the world doesn't end because the present day MCU exists? It would have to be a very character driven story.
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