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Marvel Zombies Thread FAN ART


Jan 20, 2012
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May contain re-inactments of heroes/villains as Zombies / simlated gore /
blood may not be suitable for all audiences if OK with said art feel free to continue

I would like to open this thread to all artists / commenters to post Marvel zombies based art I'll post a rough draft I did of wolverine based upon a team set vs galactus I plan on doing later

Please feel free to make your favorite characters in a Zombie world Do some crossovers too like if they annihilate DC or something

This is a remake of a page (a rough draft and it's going to be redone) from Marvel Zombies #4


Note in this panel Galactus Zaps the
heroes sometimes body parts -

If you have old images you made of Marvel Zombies add it to this forum

Disclaimer My Marvel Zombies art - reproduced and altered from My color layers based upon art by
Marvel Zombies volume 1 #4 - more details if desired by e-mail only
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